RUSNANO Corporation

RUSNANO Corporation

RUSNANO and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs are state instruments dedicated and empowered to fostering the growth of the nanotechnology industry in Russia. RUSNANO carries out its charge through commercial mechanisms, by co-investing in nanotechnology projects with substantial economic potential.

RUSNANO′s mission is to build a competitive nanotechnology industry based on the advances of Russian scientists and the transfer of cutting-edge technologies from other countries. The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs supports development of infrastructure to enable nanotechnology innovation in the country.

RUSNANO and the fund are charged with stimulating growth of the country′s nanotech industry so that annual sales of nanoenabled products reach 900 billion rubles (about $30 billion) in 2015. RUSNANO portfolio companies are to contribute 300 billion rubles (about $10 billion) through product sales.

Management of the investment assets of RUSNANO are carried out by a limited liability company established in December 2013, RUSNANO Asset Management. Anatoly Chubais is chairman of its Executive Board.

RUSNANO Strategy
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A business entity

— Initiating and selecting
— Business structuring
— Cofinancing
— Developing, monitoring,
   and control

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A non-commercial organization

— Nanotechnology centers
   and engineering companies
— Standardization, certification,
— Education
— Improving legislation
— Popularizing nanotechnology

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RUSNANO USA, Inc. represents the interests of RUSNANO, its portfolio companies, and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Program in the United States and Canada, also facilitates the marketing of Russian nano-enabled products in North American and global markets.

RUSNANO Israel Ltd.
RUSNANO Israel Ltd. represents the interests of RUSNANO, its portfolio companies, and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs in Israel. The mission of RUSNANO Israel Ltd. is to develop, facilitate, and expand relations among investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists of the two countries.

RUSNANO Capital is mandated to be an anchor investor in investment funds in foreign jurisdictions and is seeking experienced international fund managers to be general partners in such funds.

Rusnanotech Forum Fund
Rusnanotech Forum Fund for the nanotechnology development was established on 2010. The Fund’s activities are aimed at developing nanotechnology in Russia, as well as the promotion of nanotechnology and innovative developments in Russia and abroad.