RUSNANO Corporation

RUSNANO implements state policy for the development of the nanoindustry in Russia, acting as a co-investor in nanotechnology projects, which have substantial economic or social potential.

Strategy of RUSNANO up to 2020
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JSC RUSNANO supports state policy for the development of the nanoindustry by investing in high-tech projects and creating new industries inside Russia.

On 27 January 2016 the sole shareholder of the Open Joint Stock Company RUSNANO approved the amended and restated charter of the company according to which the company was renamed to Joint Stock Company RUSNANO.

Re: Change of Name
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Management of the assets of JSC RUSNANO is the responsibility of RUSNANO Management Company LLC.

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The objective of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs is to create infrastructure for technical innovation in Russia.

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Represents the interests of RUSNANO Group and its portfolio companies in the United States and Canada, helps to promote Russian nanotechnology products on world markets.

RUSNANO Israel Ltd.
Represents the interests of RUSNANO Group in investment, business and non-profit spheres in Israel.

RUSNANO Capital attracts funding from Russian and foreign institutional and strategic investors for nanotechnology projects in Russia.

RUSNANO Metrology Center
The Metrology Center enables measurement and testing of high-tech products.

The mission of RUSNANO Group is furthering public policy to win a leading role for Russia on world markets for nanotechnologies.

This mission dictates the main tasks of the Group: coordinating innovation in the field of nanotechnology and bringing Russian nanotechnologies to market. The Group uses a number of enabling tools to help carry out these tasks.


Joint Stock Company RUSNANO was created on 11 March 2011 through reorganization of Russian Nanotechnologies Corporation, a state-owned entity set up in 2007. RUSNANO assumed all the rights and duties its predecessor, and 100% of RUSNANO shares remain in state ownership. RUSNANO’s status as a joint-stock company makes it easier to work with for investors and partners.

The main objective of RUSNANO is to commercialize advances in nanotechnology by turning them into viable businesses. The company acts as co-investor in projects with substantial economic potential.

RUSNANO aims to build a competitive nanotechnology industry in Russia, using the capacities of Russian science and transfer of advanced foreign technologies.

The non-profit Fund of Infrastructure and Educational Programs, set up by RUSNANO, assists the development of innovation infrastructure for nanotechnologies, including the implementation of education and infrastructure programs initiated by RUSNANO.

Main priorities for RUSNANO are the efficiency, profitability and repayment of its investments. RUSNANO therefore uses commercial criteria to select nanotechnology projects with the greatest economic potential. The task of the non-profit Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs is to support the development of all Russian nanotechnology enterprises, including those which are not a part of the RUSNANO portfolio. Combination of these two approaches provides a full-function state development institution for the nanotechnology industry in Russia.

RUSNANO is one of the country's largest technology investors. Its investments to date are in excess of 100 billion rubles and it is expected that sales by RUSNANO portfolio companies will total more than 300 billion rubles in 2015, when total sales by the Russian nanotechnology industry will be worth 900 billion rubles.