RUSNANO Structure and Governing Bodies

Dmitry Pimkin

Dmitry Pimkin was born on August 1, 1980.

RUSNANO Management Company LLC

Managing Director for the Investment Activity of the Investment Division K



Dmitry Pimkin graduated with honors from the Moscow Aviation Institute, Department of Economics.

Professional experience


Dmitry Pimkin joined in RUSNANO. He heads one of six business teams that carry out RUSNANO’s investments in high-tech businesses working with nanotechnology.


Mr. Pimkin worked at PromSvyazCapital Group, a diversified investment conglomerate, where he held various positions and was promoted to investment director. During those four years, he took part in developing many innovative investment projects from their start and contributed to the growth of companies in which PromSvyazCapital had invested.


Mr. Pimkin worked at Ernst & Young and before that, at the publishing house Securities Market where he co-founded business magazine Managing a Company.