RUSNANO Israel Ltd.

RUSNANO Israel Ltd. represents the interests of RUSNANO, its portfolio companies, and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs in Israel. The mission of RUSNANO Israel Ltd. is to develop, facilitate, and expand relations among investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists of the two countries.

RUSNANO Israel Ltd. identifies innovative Israeli nanotechnology companies that fit RUSNANO’s investment criteria. It provides local assistance with technology, business, and financial due-diligence efforts and assists in equity investment deals. RUSNANO Israel Ltd. and MATIMOP, the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, jointly operate the intergovernmental Russia-Israel Bilateral R&D Program. RUSNANO Israel Ltd. also focuses on organizing the technology transfers with purpose of establishing the manufacturing of promising nano-enabled products in Russia.

RUSNANO Israel Ltd. collaborates with Israeli investment funds, innovative technology companies, universities, and technology transfer centers that are interested in cofinancing and further implementing innovative nanotechnology projects with RUSNANO.

Arkady Mil-Man is President of RUSNANO Israel Ltd.

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Medinat HaYehudim 89, Bulding E, 11th Floor 
P. O. Box 4204 
Herzliya Pituach 46141, Israel