Technology Roadmaps

In order to efficiently invest assets in critically important technologies the Company has to predict the nanoindustry development for the years to come.
Scientific foresights and roadmaps help to determine the potential global demand in brand new, high-tech nanoindustry products. Roadmaps outline the possible directions of science and technology development in a given area and describe the efforts needed for progress in these directions. The roadmap nodes designate the stages of technological development, the target product parameters, and instances where strategic managerial decision making is required.
A roadmap includes the range of scientific, technical or technological results, outlining the following:

  • The Parameters of the processes required for the realization of predicted trends (considering limitations);
  • The properties of the products which will be in demand by the market or have an important social effect;
  • The potential capacity, benefits and threats related to the products’ application or detriment caused by their absence;
  • Fields of fundamental or applied science required to be developed to achieve goals determined by this roadmap;
  • Demands in resources and specialists required for implementation of the roadmap.

The Roadmaps developed at the Company’s request are in open access for other participants of innovation pipeline as instruments of navigation and support.

Technology Roadmap “Nanotechnology Applications in Manufacture of Carbon Fibers and Carbon Fiber Products” Technology Roadmap “Applying Nanotechnology to Water Treatment” Technology Roadmap “Nanotechnology Applications in Development of Highly Efficient Machining Tools”
Technology Roadmap “Nanotechnology Applications in Catalytic Petroleum Refining Processes” Technology Roadmap “The Use of Nanotechnologies in the Manufacturing of LEDs”