Technology Roadmap “Nanotechnology Applications in Manufacture of Carbon Fibers and Carbon Fiber Products”

The Roadmap for Nanotechnology Applications in Manufacture of Carbon Fibers and Carbon Fiber Products is a review document describing the multi-layer system of strategic development for carbon fiber industry within a common timescale. It also contains the parameters that reflect economic efficiency of advanced technologies and products characterized by a high potential demand and attractive consumer properties. The Roadmap is based on the expert evidence as well as on the review of Russian and foreign analytics.

The Roadmap refers to the demand structure for carbon fibers and outlines the most prospective markets for carbon fiber products. The Roadmap provides an assessment of technical capabilities required for manufacturing of carbon fibers with the most preferable consumer properties which would allow generating the significant competitive advantages for goods produced involving carbon fibers.

Description of roadmap’s structure

The Roadmap visualization includes six major layers (see Figure):

  1. The main technological trends, innovations and alternative directions of development in the field of carbon fibers and their composites
  2. The most prospective products based on carbon fibers and time of their anticipated market appearance
  3. Applications and market prospects of innovation products based on carbon fibers. Forecast of volume and growth rates of the key market segments
  4. Alternative technologies, their competiveness and major competitive advantages
  5. Forecast of the most important consumer properties of carbon fibers
  6. Main barriers and limitations for the carbon fiber industry

The Roadmap visualization illustrates the correlations between the key technologies which the carbon fiber industry progress relies on, the properties of current and advanced carbon fibers and carbon fiber composites, and between the most prospective products and their respective market shares whose sizes and performance, in its turn, would determine the state of demand for carbon fibers.

Figure 3

Figure: Roadmap Visualization