Technology Roadmap “Applying Nanotechnology to Water Treatment”

The roadmap “Applying Nanotechnology to Water Treatment” summarizes the expert opinion on the key nanotech applications and nano-intermediates which are used or have potential to be used in water treatment and water purification.

The given roadmap discusses the capability of nanotechnology to improve efficiency of water treatment and water purification in different market segments, such as centralized and decentralized purification of public-use water, and related areas of water treatment for industrial use, municipal and industrial water purification.

Description of roadmap

The roadmap of this project has the following structure (Fig. General roadmap)

  1. Technological problems.
  2. Nano-based processes and technologies.
  3. Products for implementation of promising water treatment and purification processes.
  4. Market segments.
  5. Alternative, supportive and traditional processes and technologies.

Technology Roadmap “Nanotechnology in treatment of public drinking water”

Figure. General roadmap