Technology Roadmap “The Use of Nanotechnologies in the Manufacturing of LEDs”

The technology roadmap “The use of nanotechnologies in the manufacturing of Light-Emitting Diodes” summarizes the opinion of the expert community about most important technologies, which are used in the production of LEDs as well as other products, based on the LED technology.

The roadmap describes the demand structure for LEDs and points out the prospective markets, to which the production of LED equipment may be oriented. The roadmap evaluates the possibilities of the technologies to provide key consumer properties of LEDs, allowing to figure out the significant competitive advantages for the LED based products.

Description of roadmap’s structure

The roadmap’s visual structure consists of three sets: “Colored LEDs”, “White LEDs” and “OLEDs”. Each set includes five vertical layers which describe the interconnections between major technologies, which define the subject area development, specifications of present and prospective LEDs and the market segments for end-products defining the demand for the LEDs.

Each vertical layer contains the following elements:

  1. Technological tasks, defining the improvement of LED technology and its connection with LEDs specifications
  2. LEDs specifications and its connections with prospective markets
  3. Strengths and weaknesses of a corresponding LED type in major purpose segments
  4. Alternative products and its competitiveness, main competitive advantages
  5. The forecasts for capacity and growth rate of the main LED market segments

In a visual structure of the roadmap mentioned elements are marked with numbers.