Technology Roadmap “Nanotechnology Applications in Catalytic Petroleum Refining Processes”

The technology roadmap “Nanotechnology Applications in Catalytic Petroleum Refining Processes” is a summary document describing the multi-layer system of strategic development of the subject matter within a common timescale and showing parameters that reflect economic efficiency of leading-edge technologies and products characterized by a high demand potential and attractive consumer properties. The Roadmap is developed based on the expert findings as well as the review of Russian and foreign analytic materials.

The Roadmap describes the structure of demand for petroleum processing catalysts (the “catalysts”) and the changes taking place in the key performance characteristics of the basic process equipment and installations where such catalysts are applied (depending on the catalytic process layout) as well as in the key specifications of the most common types of catalysts applied in such equipment and installations. The Roadmap shows alternative technologies that can be used to produce the catalysts. It also gives an assessment of the possibility to introduce in Russia different types of process lines capable to produce catalysts whose key specifications would meet the competitiveness criteria.

For different catalyst production technologies, the Roadmap reflects the main R&D directions pursued in Russia as well as the focal points in the import of technologies (types of process equipment that needs to be procured from abroad). In view of the market pull and technology push, the Roadmap gives the projection of strategic goals that can be achieved by Russian catalyst producers in principle by the forecast horizon of 2030.

Description of roadmap’s structure

Presented below, is the Roadmap structure with its main elements outlined.

Figure: Roadmap Structure
Enlarge Figure

The Roadmap visualization includes four major sections (see Figure):

A Scientific and Technical Development
B Catalyst Production Technologies
C Processes and Catalysts (Compounds)
D Catalyst Markets

The Roadmap visualization illustrates the correlations between the key technologies which the catalyst production industry relies on, the existing and future catalysts and their characteristics, the behavior of Russian and world catalyst markets.
A short description of the Roadmap sections is given below.

Section A. Scientific and Technical Development

The Section includes:

  1. Process equipment and systems needed to be procured from abroad to promote catalyst production in Russia
  2. The most promising R&D directions recommended to be pursued in Russia within the Roadmap horizon (up to 2030) to revive development and production of Russian catalysts.

Section B. Catalyst Production Technologies

This sections describes the main catalyst production technologies.

For all technologies described in the Roadmap this Section gives an assessment of current values of their key technical and economic characteristics as well as a forecast of their changes within the Roadmap horizon.

The Section also gives a description of existing or advanced catalyst production process lines for each of the analyzed technologies.

Section C. Processes and Catalysts (Compounds)

This Section deals with the main types of catalytic processing equipment and catalysts used in such equipment. To be included in this Section, a “process-catalyst” system must have a significant portion of realized nanotechnology applications.

Section D. Catalyst Markets

This Section gives an assessment and forecast of the basic behavioral parameters of the catalyst market as of today and within the Roadmap horizon.

It also reviews the topmost strategic goals of Russian catalyst producers that can be achieved within the specified timeframe.