Catalogue of Projects

Portfolio companies

Portfolio companies

With financial support from RUSNANO, project companies inaugurated more than 20 new manufacturing facilities. Employees in these factories use nanotechnologies to produce a range of goods: from 90-nm integrated circuits to ultrastrength springs for, in part, railway transport.

  • OCSiAl

    The single-walled carbon nanotubes manufactured by the company under the TUBALL trademark are universal nanomodifiers that improve the mechanical properties as well as the electrical and thermal conductivity of various materials.

    Operating Factories

  • KuibyshevAzot

    The nanostructured catalyst technology, transferred by the Dutch group DSM, will increase caprolactam production capacity at KuibyshevAzot.

    Operating Factories

  • DSK Grad LLC
    DSK Grad LLC

    DSK Grad is a high-tech design and production company, which uses the latest international technologies and innovative developments from RUSNANO in its business.

    Operating Factories

  • Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.
    Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.

    Production of high-performance routers using electro-optical information transmission at the level of individual chips.

  • Soft Machines, Inc.
    Soft Machines, Inc.

    Development of a new architecture for processor cores. The new architecture, christened “Variable Instruction Set Computing” (VISC), opens the way for processors with much higher energy efficiency and performance compared to processors with existing core architectures. The project is also developing a system-on-chip (SoC) structure with VISC microprocessor cores.

    Operating R&D Center

  • Dauria Aerospace
    Dauria Aerospace

    Dauria Aerospace is a portfolio company of I2BF-RNC Strategic Resources Fund , an investment fund created jointly by RUSNANO Capital and I2BF Holdings Ltd. The Fund is dedicated to the transfer to Russia of technologies related to the provision of strategic resources. The Fund invests in late-stage foreign innovation companies, which are using nanotechnologies.

    Operating Factories

  • Aquantia Corporation
    Aquantia Corporation

    Development of next-generation Ethernet solutions.

    Operating R&D Center

  • Quantenna Communications
    Quantenna Communications

    Design and development of semiconductor components and solutions for local high-speed wireless networks.

    Operating R&D Center

  • Selecta Biosciences, Inc. & Selecta RUS
    Selecta Biosciences, Inc. & Selecta RUS

    Development and commercialization of an entirely new class of targeted vaccines that induce antigen-specific immune activation or antigen-specific immune tolerance for therapeutic and prophylactic applications.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2012


  • Joule Unlimited, Inc.
    Joule Unlimited, Inc.

    Industrial production of ethanol, diesel fuel components and other liquid hydrocarbons by the processing of carbon dioxide using genetically modified cyanobacteria and sunlight.

  • Pharmsynthez, OJSC
    Pharmsynthez, OJSC

    Pharmsynthez will bring a number of unique and much-needed drugs to Russian and global markets. During this investment phase, clinical trials of the drugs that Pharmsynthez developed will be completed, their large-scale manufacturing will begin, and the drugs will be brought to foreign markets.

    Operating Factories

  • Mapper Lithography Holding B.V.
    Mapper Lithography Holding B.V.

    The development of electron-beam lithography systems (maskless lithography) with resolution of 22 nanometers and above for industrial and research applications.

    Operating Factories

  • SBT Management Company LLC
    SBT Management Company LLC

    Setting up fabless production of circuits using 90/45-nanometer technologies and of assemblies based on such circuits.

    Operating Factories

  • Burrill & Company (BCF IV GP), LLC
    Burrill & Company (BCF IV GP), LLC

    Facilitating transfer of technology to Russia through equity capital investmens and contract manufacturing.

  • Biomark Capital Fund IV, L.P.
    Biomark Capital Fund IV, L.P.

    Facilitating transfer of technology to Russia through equity capital investments and contract manufacturing.

  • BIND Therapeutics & BIND RUS
    BIND Therapeutics & BIND RUS

    Development and commercialization of a new class of highly selective targeted therapeutics based on BIND Biosciences’s Accurins™ nanoplatform.

    Operating Factories

  • SiTime Corporation
    SiTime Corporation

    Engineering and development of MEMS oscillators.

  • Nesscap Energy, Inc.
    Nesscap Energy, Inc.

    Production of ultracapacitors for energy solutions, transport, industry, and consumer electronics.

  • LED Microsensor NT
    LED Microsensor NT

    Production of semiconductor optical elements for the mid-infrared spectrum.

    Operating Factories

  • Nearmedic Pharma
    Nearmedic Pharma

    Full-cycle production of innovative nanomedicines via versatile GMP pharmaceutical manufacturer.

  • Pilkington’s Glass Plant in Russia and STiS Group
    Pilkington’s Glass Plant in Russia and STiS Group

    Production of high-quality glass and insulated glass units with nano-enabled coatings.

    Operating Factories

  • Eterno

    The project is based on the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant site. Production of nanoenabled stainless steel pipes and related stamp-welded parts.

    Operating Factories

  • Crocus Technology SA (France) & Crocus Nano Electronics (Russia)
    Crocus Technology SA (France) & Crocus Nano Electronics (Russia)

    Development and production of MRAM-based solutions.

    Operating Factories

  • Cutting Edge Technologies (Holding Company)
    Cutting Edge Technologies (Holding Company)

    Production of ultra tensile strength sawing wire for abrasive cutting of various crystals and hard brittle materials in multi-pass wire cutting equipment.

  • TBM

    Production of basalt fiber construction materials for Russia’s Far East and other regions with permafrost conditions.

    Operating Factories
    from july 2012

    Pokrovsk and Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

  • PET-Technology

    Establishment of a network of regional PET centers for diagnostic procedures.

    Operating Factories

  • BiOptix Diagnostics, Inc.
    BiOptix Diagnostics, Inc.

    Production of label-free biodetectors and, in Russia, production of disposable bionanoslides, both developed by American company BiOptix Diagnostics, Inc.


    Production of import-substituting innovative pharmaceuticals.

    Operating Factories

  • Advenira Enterprises, Inc.
    Advenira Enterprises, Inc.

    Production of equipment and provision of services for multifunctional coating deposition using solution derived nanocomposite technology.


    Solubilizates: creation of Russian industrial manufacturing of NovaSOL® solubilizates containing nanoparticles (product micelles) by means of international transfer of technology from AQUANOVA AG.

    Operating Factories

  • Monocrystal

    Manufacture sapphires and sapphire wafers for production of LEDs and compounds for photovoltaics.

    Operating Factories


    Production of nanostructured ceramics for use in a wide range of industries.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2012


  • Russian Quartz
    Russian Quartz

    Modernization and expansion of high purity quartz production at the Kyshtym Mining production facility and quartz deposit.

    Operating Factories
    from may 2012

    Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast

  • Profotech

    Production of nano-enabled fiber optic systems for measuring current and voltage in power grids.

    Operating Factories

  • Plastic Logic (Russia)
    Plastic Logic (Russia)

    Production of displays and devices using plastic electronic technology.


    Production of high precision pipes by modifying the metal at the nanolevel to improve resistance to aggressive environments.

    Operating Factories


    Invest in commercializing nanotech developments by financing promising innovative companies at the beginning stage of project execution.

  • Neutron Technologies
    Neutron Technologies

    Production to detectors that use tagged neutron technology fo find illicit materials and explosives.

  • RMT Ltd.
    RMT Ltd.

    Producton of thermoelectric microcoolers using bismuth telluride nanopowder for optic-, micro-, and nanoelectronics.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011
    from may 2011

    Nizhny Novgorod

  • Advanced Technologies Center
    Advanced Technologies Center

    Production of analytical instruments for research in materials science, biology, and medicine. Production of high-precision sensors for analyses of chemical and biological substances.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011


  • Future Store
    Future Store

    Adaptation and improvement of RFID technology and implementation of an RFID tag system, via retail leader-integrator X5 Retail Group, to control consumer goods from manufacturer through retail sales via retail leader-integrator X5 Retail Group.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2012


  • Liotech

    Production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy supply systems.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011


  • VTB Capital & I2BF Holdings
    VTB Capital & I2BF Holdings

    Transferring state-of-the art technologies, creating instruments for cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan, and stimulating development of financial infrastructure for the nanotech industry.

  • Rosana

    Production of functional animal proteins for use in the industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, animal husbandry, and biotechnology.

  • Beneq Oy
    Beneq Oy

    Development of business platforms for applying Beneq Oy’s technology (ALD and aerosol technology nAERO and nHALO) in commercial production and R&D in Russia and CIS countries.


    Production of nanostructured magnesium hydroxide with modified surface and high purity synthetic magnesium.

    Operating Factories

  • ELVEES NeoTech
    ELVEES NeoTech

    Design of highly integrated microchips with 65-nanometer and finer technology norms; manufacturing of web cameras and intelligent network video surveillance cameras.

    Operating Factories
    from august 2012


  • Galen

    Production of composite nanonstructured polymer reinforced with basalt fiber.

    Operating Factories

  • Uralplastic-N

    Production of high-barrier packaging solutions for storing food and non-food products.

    Operating Factories
    from october 2011

    Aramil, Sverdlovsk Oblast


    Production of high thermal conductivity substrates for ultrabright LEDs and other electronic devices using proprietary ALOX technology.

    Operating Factories
    from february 2012


  • Novomet

    Expanding production of electric submersible pump systems and components with nanostructured protective coatings and development of a global service network.

    Operating Factories


    Process lines for applying porous, inorganic, and non-metallic nanostructured coatings to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and zirconium surfaces.

  • MEMBRANIUM (RM Nanotech)
    MEMBRANIUM (RM Nanotech)

    Production of nanostructured membranes and separating modules for water treatment and water purification.

    Operating Factories

  • NeoPhotonics Corporation
    NeoPhotonics Corporation

    Design and manufacture of photonic integrated circuits and PIC-based modules and subsystems.

    Operating Factories
    from may 2013


  • RST-Invent

    Production of metal RFID tags and RFID labels for passive RFID systems.

    Operating Factories
    from march 2012

    St. Petersburg

  • Optic Fiber Systems (Optikovolokonnye Sistemy)
    Optic Fiber Systems (Optikovolokonnye Sistemy)

    Production of advanced nanostructured optical fiber.

    Operating Factories

  • New Technologies of Construction LLC
    New Technologies of Construction LLC

    Limited Liability Company “New Technologies of Construction” (NTC LLC) is an active industrial manufacturer of the innovative material—the UNIREM paving asphalt modifier.

    Operating Factories

  • Semiconductor Technologies and Equipment
    Semiconductor Technologies and Equipment

    Production of high-vacuum equipment for molecular beam epitaxy, electron beam evaporation, plasma etching, plasma-enhanced deposition, and rapid thermal annealing. Development of customer-oriented technological processes. Support for RUSNANO infrastructure projects.


    Production of modified layered nanosilicates, masterbatches, and polymer nanocomposites.

    Operating Factories

  • Germanium and Applications
    Germanium and Applications

    Vertically integrated production of germanium-based products: disks, bars, plates, and spherical blanks for lenses.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2011

    Novomoskovsk, Tula Oblast

  • Hevel

    Manufacture thin film photovoltaic modules based on Oerlikon technology.

    Operating Factories

  • Erbitech

    Er:YAG laser-based instruments for contact-free blood sampling.

  • Connector Optics
    Connector Optics

    Production of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers and photodetectors in the 850-nm range: epitaxial wafers, chips, packaged components. Production of ultrahigh-speed (to 40 Gbit/s), energy-efficient optical components for data communications, computer, and consumer markets.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011

    St. Petersburg

  • RU-VEM

    Production of automated vacuum units and deposition equipment. Establishment of center for developing new deposition methods and servicing equipment.

  • ICM Glass Kaluga LLC
    ICM Glass Kaluga LLC

    New heat-insulating materials production based on the nanotechnological approach to unsorted cullet processing.

    Operating Factories

  • OptoSense

    Production of innovative sensors for industrial safety systems.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011

    St. Petersburg

  • Microbor Nanotech
    Microbor Nanotech

    New generation of composite materials made of cubic and nanocubic boron nitride and instruments of these composites.

    Operating Factories

  • NPC Springs
    NPC Springs

    Ultrastrength homogeneous nanostructured springs.

    Operating Factories
    from june 2011


  • Plackart

    Deposition of functional nano-enabled coatings to equipment in a wide variety of industries through a network of service centers.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2012
    from december 2011
    from december 2011

    Naberezhnye Chelny
    Nizhny Novgorod

  • Usolie-Sibirsky Silicon
    Usolie-Sibirsky Silicon

    Russia’s first large-scale manufacturing of polysilicon—1,800 tons.

  • Optogan

    Production of ultrabright nanoheterostructured LEDs and LED-based lighting systems using proprietary technology.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2010

    St. Petersburg

  • Panacela Labs, Inc.
    Panacela Labs, Inc.

    Development of the anti-cancer drugs based on the molecular modulators of cellular stress, as well as the treatments against infectious diseases. Currently, company portfolio consists of 5 drug families.


    Infrastructure project providing Russian nanoindustry scientists and other professionals access to reagents, disposables, and equipment.


    Production of durable items of nanostructured ceramic and metal-ceramic materials.

    Operating Factories
    from august 2011

    St. Petersburg

  • Prepreg-SKM

    Production of prepregs based on nanomodified carbon and mineral fibers and nanomodified binding materials.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2011



    Production of thermoelectric systems using CERATOM non-ceramic technology.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2012



    Production of ultradurable, highly conductive nanostructured electrical cable developed at VNIINM.

    Operating Factories
    from july 2012


  • ECM

    Serial production of state-of-the-art, environmentally clean, precision electrochemical machines for manufacturing components from any metal or alloy. Production of tools and details with high productivity and low operating costs.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2010

    Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan

  • Mikron

    Establishment of new 90-nm microchip production and design center.

    Operating Factories

  • IRE-Polus

    Production of fiber lasers and modern high-tech communications equipment.

  • Hemacore

    Production of equipment and disposables for evaluating blood-clotting disorders using a new diagnostic method.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2012


  • NTpharma

    GMP production of nanovaccines and biopharmaceuticals containing carbohydrate binders.

  • NBT

    Preparation and packaging of microsources for brachytherapy using isotope 125I. Production of nanostructured microspheres of amorphous material with isotope 90Y.

    Operating Factories

  • Nanotech-Dubna

    Production of colloidal quantum dots with 10-kg capacity.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011

    Dubna, Moscow Oblast

  • Danaflex-Nano

    Production of high-barrier polymer films and flexible packaging materials derived from them.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2011

    Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

  • New Instrumental Solutions
    New Instrumental Solutions

    Full-cycle production of instruments with nanostructured PVD coating using a deposition technology developed at Kurchatov Institute.

    Operating Factories
    from april 2010

    Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Oblast


    Production of track membranes with pore diameters of 20 nanometers to 100 nanometers. Production of multifunctional equipment for membrane plasmapheresis, cascade plasma filtration, and other methods of extracorporal hemocorrection.