Intermolecular and Ulyanovsk Nanocenter Sign Joint Development Agreement

04 October 2013

Intermolecular to Provide Ulnanotech Leading-edge Development Platforms for Advanced R&D in Glass Coatings, Photovoltaics, Power Electronics and Displays

San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley (California, USA), has become a venue where Andrey Redkin, Director General of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter, and David Lazovsky, President and CEO of the American company Intermolecular, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “IMI”), have signed a contract on the implementation of a joint development program related to the application of functional thin-film coatings, and a contract on the acquisition of a combinatorial R&D platform to apply thin-film coatings on various materials which has no analogues neither in Russia, nor in CIS countries, nor in Europe.

The unique hardware acquired from IMI and allowing the acceleration of R&D processes in the field of application of thin-film coatings will be transferred to the technological company established by the nanocenters of Ulyanovsk, the Republic of Mordovia and Dubna. The parts of the combinatorial platform will be distributed between Ulyanovsk, Dubna, Saransk and San Jose, and the main part of the platform will be deployed in one of the laboratories located in the Ulyanovsk nanocenter.

The core business of the technological company will be the R&D activities related to thin-film coating applications in the following sectors: glass coatings, photovoltaic devices, power electronics and displays. It is anticipated that the company will start its business in the 1st quarter of 2014, but the recruitment process is already on, and English-speaking scientists and developers from all over the world, willing to fulfill themselves in the field of thin-film coatings, are currently being invited to participate in the competitive selection.

Moreover, different Russian and CIS companies are being asked to take part in collaborative development programs as for advanced glass coatings, photovoltaic devices, electronics and displays.

Let us recall that the letter of intent on the implementation of the said collaborative development program was signed by the parties on August 16 this year.


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Nanocenters in Ulyanovsk, the Republic of Mordovia, and Dubna were established by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO).