Alcoa Vice President and CTO, Mohammad Zaidi, to participate in the Second Nanotechnology International Forum

06 October 2009

Few of those choosing a car to buy think of technologies that are used in building its body. What an average buyer wants to know is their future car's performance and ease of use. Some get attracted by interior and exterior design. Others put the manufacturer’s name in the first place to emphasize the owner’s status and prestige. And only an expert would be interested in the car body’s specifications.

Mohammad Zaidi is a person who knows it inside out. As far back as almost 20 years ago, he took the charge of developing high-strength aluminium for vehicle bodies at Alcoa, the largest international aluminium corporation. His team offered, almost immediately, a unique method of constructing car bodies, allowing a decrease in the car weight while at the same time keeping its stability. The project started with a great success and within a year Mr. Zaidi was at the head of a new car parts factory opened by Alcoa in Soest, Germany. He successfully introduced the offered technology to commercial production. A unique aluminium frame was first implemented for the Audi A8 and then for some of Ferrari models.

The cooperation between Alcoa and Ferrari began in 1994 as the Italian car manufacturer started using aluminium in order to decrease the weight of its cars. The first Ferrari with a unique body from Alcoa, making its debut in 1998, was the Ferrari А 360 Modena. Today the Soest factory is most famous for dural parts it makes for Audi cars, including the above-mentioned A8.

In 1995 Mohammad Zaidi became the product development manager, remaining focused on the development of new products for the automotive industry, and in 1997 the Vice President of Technical Development for Alcoa’s automotive business. In 2001 Dr. Zaidi took the post of the President of Alcoa’s global automotive parts business and the CEO of the company's automotive castings.

Today Mohammad Zaidi is Alcoa’s Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. His responsibilities include the strategy, development and introduction of the latest technologies in the multinational corporation serving a great number of key industries, from the aerospace industry to commercial vehicles and the packing industry.

In his quest Mr. Zaidi is committed to continuously improve technologies used at the corporation’s facilities. This allows Alcoa, named by Fortune as one of the most respected and established American companies, to strengthen its leading position in the rolled aluminium and aluminium products market. “Our cooperation with the world’s most outstanding and talented scientists who have deep scientific knowledge underlying our key markets allows us to create a powerful drive for growth and development”, Zaidi said.

At the Second Nanotechnology International Forum, Mohammad Zaidi is going to discuss the prospects of using nanotechnologies in machinery. Other section participants will be Moisey Lokshin, Deputy CEO for Science, Sukhoi, Sergey Zanozin, CEO, GAZ Group, Sergey Barinov, Technical Director, Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Yury Petrenya, Technical Director, Power Machines, Evgeny Storchay, Director, Research and Development Center, Cryogenmash, Alenik Gazarov, Director of Advanced Developments, OZNA, Yury Anurov, Director, Research and Development Center, Energomash, Boris Firsov, Technical Director, EM-Alliance, Robert Moberg, Global Sales Manager, VG Scienta, Vladimir Pelikh, Deputy CEO, ZIL, Yury Laptev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rostransmash, Pietro Perlo, Director, Centro Ricerche Fiat.