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RUSNANO implements state policy for the development of the nanoindustry in Russia, acting as a co-investor in nanotechnology projects, which have substantial economic or social potential.

Public Annual Report 2019
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JSC RUSNANO promotes the implementation of state policy relating to the development of the nanotech industry, by investing, directly or through investment funds, in high-tech projects that create new production in Russia.

Management company RUSNANO manages the assets of JSC RUSNANO, as well as new investment funds created with the involvement of private investors.

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The objective of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs is to create infrastructure for technical innovation in Russia.

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was founded during the reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies. It stimulates nanotechnology infrastructure building to support innovation in the country.

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Represents the interests of RUSNANO Group and its portfolio companies in the United States and Canada, helps to promote Russian nanotechnology products on world markets.

The mission of RUSNANO Group is furthering public policy to win a leading role for Russia on world markets for nanotechnologies.

This mission dictates the main tasks of the Group: coordinating innovation in the field of nanotechnology and bringing Russian nanotechnologies to market. The Group uses a number of enabling tools to help carry out these tasks.


Open Joint Stock Company RUSNANO was founded on March 11, 2011, following the re-organization of the state corporation, Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, established in 2007. RUSNANO is the successor to all the rights and obligations of that state corporation, and 100% of its shares are state-owned. The restructuring of RUSNANO has resulted in an organizational form that is more understandable to investors and partners—a joint-stock company.

The amended charter of RUSNANO was approved by a decision of the sole shareholder dated January 27, 2016 (and registered on February 17, 2016), and in accordance with such charter the Company’s name was changed to JSC RUSNANO.

Re: Change of Name
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The main goal of JSC RUSNANO is the commercialization of developments in the field of nanotechnology, and the creation of a truly functioning  business on the basis of such developments. The company acts as a financial co-investor in projects that have significant economic potential.

RUSNANO’s mission is to build a competitive nanotechnology industry based on the advances of Russian scientists and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies from other countries.

Management company RUSNANO

Management company RUSNANO was established in 2013 as a result of the separation of the ownership and asset management functions within JSC RUSNANO. Management company RUSNANO’s main areas of activity are the management of JSC RUSNANO’s legacy investment portfolio and the formation of new investment funds in order to raise capital to finance high-tech projects.

RUSNANO is one of the largest technological investors in the country. Moreover, all its projects are in the hi-tech sector, as it only makes investments in the area of nanotechnologies; their total volume over the last 10 years is in excess of 190 billion rubles. As of the end of 2016, the revenue of portfolio companies in which RUSNANO was an investor amounted to 369 billion rubles a year, and the total output of the entire Russian nanoindustry was about 1,580 billion rubles.

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

In addition, a non-profit Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs has been created on the basis of the state corporation Rusnanotech. The Fund aims to develop innovative infrastructure in the sphere of nanotechnology, including the implementation of educational and infrastructural programs that have been already started by RUSNANO.

The effectiveness, profitability and repayment of investments are high priority goals for the company. JSC RUSNANO achieves these goals using commercial means, by investing in potentially profitable nanotechnological projects. The task of the non-profit Fund is to support and develop all Russian nanoindustry enterprises, including companies that are not part of RUSNANO’s portfolio. The functions of the state development institution are implemented through a reasonable combination of these two approaches.