About RUSNANO Group

RUSNANO Structure and Governing Bodies

The mission of RUSNANO Group is to build a competitive nanotechnology industry in Russia, using the capacities of the country’s own scientists and transfer of the latest technologies from abroad.

The Group gives first priority to efficiency, profitability, and pay-back of its investments. Therefore, Joint Stock Company RUSNANO uses a commercial approach, investing in potentially profitable nanotechnology projects. The task of the non-profit Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs is to assist in the development of all Russian nanotechnology companies, including those which are not part of the JSC RUSNANO investment portfolio. The functions of a state development institution are implemented by careful combination of these two approaches.

RUSNANO Group Structure

Joint-Stock Company RUSNANO was established in March 2011 through the reorganization of Russian Nanotechnologies Corporation. JSC RUSNANO supports the implementation of state policy for development of the nanotechnology industry by investing in financially efficient high-tech projects directly and through nanotechnology funds, thereby facilitating the development of new industries in Russia. The key areas for investment are: electronics, optoelectronics and telecommunications, healthcare and biotechnology, metallurgy and metal goods, power engineering, machine-building and device manufacturing, construction and industrial materials, chemicals and petrochemicals. All of the RUSNANO’s shares are owned by state.

RUSNANO’s asset management functions are exercised by RUSNANO Management Company LLC, created in December 2013.

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was created under Federal Law No. 211 “On the reorganization of Russian Nanotechnologies Corporation” (dated 27 July, 2010). The task of the Fund is to create innovative infrastructure for the nanotechnology industry, including the development of educational and infrastructure programs, which were initiated by RUSNANO. The Fund’s Executive Board is chaired by Sergey Kulikov.

RUSNANO Management Company LLC

Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

Governors and Senior Managers

Chairman of the Executive Board
Sergey Kulikov

Deputy Chairmen of the Executive Board:


  • Senior Managing Director Investment Management
    Sergey Vakhterov
    • Managing Director Investment Management
      Ivan Gonchar

Venture Capital Investment Division

  • Managing Director, Director for Operations in the US and Canada
    Dmitry Akhanov
  • Managing Director Investment Management
    Vladimir Kozlov
  • Managing Director Investment Management
    Andrey Kushnarev
  • Investment Director
    Olga Sadovskaya

Investment Division RES

Head of Investment Division RES
Alisher Kalanov

  • Senior Managing Director Investment Management
    Andrey Pokhozhaev
  • Managing Director Investment Management
    Alexander Belichev
  • Managing Director Investment Management
    Makhmud Burikhanov
  • Managing Director Investment Management
    Eugeny Tsyba

Executive Directorate

  • Head of IR Department
    Tatiana Pashkevich

Financial Division

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Head of the Financial Division
Maxim Sakharov

External Communications Division

  • Director of Information Policy and Marketing
    Daria Dolgikh

Executive Board Office

Head of Executive Board Office, Managing Director for Executive Board Communications
Andrey Kozhevnikov

Risk Management Department

Internal Audit Division, JSC RUSNANO

Head of Internal Audit Division, Managing Director of Internal Audit
Valentin Zubov




Chairman of the Executive Board
Sergey Kulikov

Chief Executive Officer
Ruslan Titov


  • Infrastructure Projects Department
  • Educational Projects and Programs Department
  • Demand Stimulation Programs Department
  • Directorate for Standardization
  • Department of Regulatory Support for Innovative Development
  • Directorate for Popularization
  • Finance and Economics Department
  • Administrative and Legal Department
  • Group of Organizational Development and Support Activities
  • Finance and Tax Department

Governing Bodies of RUSNANO Management Company LLC

Management of the assets of RUSNANO is carried out by RUSNANO Management Company LLC, which was set up in December 2013.

Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

Supervisory Board is the Fund’s supreme collegial management body. Under the Fund’s Charter, the competence of the Supervisory Council, in particular, includes the issues of determining the priority directions of the Fund’s activity, as well as its strategy and budget. The Chairman of the Fund’s Executive Board, the collegial management body, is Sergey Kulikov. Chief Executive Officer of the Fund is Ruslan Titov.