Direct and Indirect Subsidiaries


RUSNANO USA since its establishment in 2011, has supported innovative companies and global technology development. The company is part of a larger Russian private equity and venture firm: RUSNANO. RUSNANO is a global technology investor with deep belief in nanotech.

RUSNANO USA is a traditional venture capital firm that manages RUSNANO’s investments in North America. We are middle and late-stage focused, and have tremendous expertise in semiconductors, optics, energy, and advanced materials. Yes, we like hardware, but we are also excited about novel hardware and software solutions.

The office of RUSNANO USA is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (California, USA), near Stanford University.

Our Team

RUSNANO USA is a small team of professionals who have worked together for more than 5 years. It is led by President and CEO Dmitry Akhanov. RUSNANO USA operates as a truly global company adhering to the highest international management standards. The company aspires to an ethical, progressive, enjoyable, and deeply satisfying work culture.

Our Work

RUSNANO USA operates just like any other venture firm, but what sets us apart is our extensive understanding of the technologies and industries we invest in, our global network of technology experts, and our ability to support and foster our portfolio companies’ growth worldwide—choosing the best places for talent availability and market opportunities.

RUSNANO Group today operates in classical GP-LP model, investing the capital of our original anchor investor (the Russian government in 2007), and many other public and private investors—both Russian and international.

Since 2012, we have managed 8 investments in the US—2 M&A exits and 2 successful IPOs.

Our Values

We believe only cooperation and partnership among entrepreneurs and investors can lead to success, so we have co-invested with major VC and CVC groups such as: Sequoia, NEA, KPCB, Venrock, Bosch, Cisco, AMD, Broadcom, and Samsung.

Our reputation as a reliable partner—supporting our companies through volatility—is crucial for our success. We always maintain high ethical and governance standards.

We also believe that only a global business can be successful today.

Our successful investments have not only generated solid financial returns to our investors, but have also helped create hundreds of jobs in the US. Our portfolio companies have also created hundreds of jobs in countries like India, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

We are Media-friendly

RUSNANO USA is and will always be open to the media. We both share a deep regard for ethics and transparency after all.