Investor Relations

Investment Activities

RUSNANO Management Company was established in 2013 following the separation of ownership and asset management functions within RUSNANO. The main directions of activity of the RUSNANO Management Company are management of historical investment portfolio of RUSNANO and the launching of new investment funds under its management (co-management).

New Investment Funds

Launching and managing
new investment funds
with participation of RUSNANO

Historical Portfolio

Managing historical project portfolio

98 direct investment projects
in 6 major technological clusters
and 9 specialized funds

  • Nuclear medicine and medical instrument making: 7 companies
  • Innovative nanobiopharmaceutics: 10 companies
  • Nanoelectronics and Photonics: 24 companies
  • Nanocoatings and surface modification: 12 companies
  • New materials: 31 companies
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency: 9 companies
  • Others: 5 companies
  • Specialized funds: 9 companies

Mission of RUSNANO Management Company

Innovative breakthrough in Russian high technologies based on the combination of the Russian scientific and technical experience with the best practices of the global private equity and venture capital industry.

Strategic Vision of RUSNANO Management Company

By 2020, RUSNANO Management Company should become a globally recognized Russian management company specializing in private equity and venture capital investments in high technologies in the real sector in the Russian Federation and the world.

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Tatiana Pashkevich
Head of Investor Relations
+7 495 988 5388 #1762