Investor Relations

Investment Strategy

Investing Focus

When looking for investment targets for investment funds managed by RUSNANO Management Company, RUSNANO focuses on investments in:

  • companies operating in high-tech sectors of industries of the real sector of the economy,
  • companies in the sphere of industrial services, including IT services, one of the basic directions of activity of which is to provide services in the field of technologies, research and/or analytics to companies operating in high-tech industry segments of the real sector of the economy.

The funds with the participation of RUSNANO should have an aggregate investment volume in nanotechnology projects not less that the investment volume of RUSNANO made for the purpose of funding of the fund’s projects.

RUSNANO Management Company Unique Proposition

Professional Investment Team

Experience in Private Equity and investment companies in Russia and abroad. Expertise on deals search, portfolio management and implementation of exits.

Deep Sectoral Competence

Successful experience in investing in high technologies within the leading industries in Russia and the world.

Science and Technology Expert Evaluation

A pool of internal and external experts, including representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and 20 scientific research institutes.

Administrative Support

Regulatory incentives and benefits, commercial support, high-profile contacts.

Political Capital

Top managers of RUSNANO Management Company held key positions in the governmental bodies and leading corporations.

Investment Stage

RUSNANO Management Company invests in companies that implement advanced technologies and need additional capital to increase production and/or sales of its products (“development phase”).

An additional tool of the investment strategy of RUSNANO Management Company is investments in companies implementing potentially breakthrough nanotechnologies with significant technological risks (“venture capital phase”).

Geographical Focus

Investment funds of RUSNANO Management Company invest in both Russian and foreign companies for the purpose of technology transfer to the Russian Federation and/or promoting the development of export potential of Russia’s high-tech sector.

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Head of Investor Relations
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