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Advenira Enterprises, Inc.

Equipment for Thin-film Solution Derived Nanocomposite Coating Application

Operating Factories

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, Portfolio company management

Industry Sector 
Coatings and Surface Modification

Production Location 
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
Jobs to be created: 25

Investment Started:  2011

Total Budget

1.3  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
0.96  bln rubles

The creation of an industrial enterprise to produce specialized equipment and provide services for applying nanocomposite coatings using the innovative Solution Derived Nanocomposite (SDN) technology

Advenira Enterprises will manufacture SDN equipment for applying nanocoatings to a variety of surfaces and produce precursors (solution starters) and cartridges. SDN technology has many applications. It can be used to apply coating during the manufacture of low-emission architectural glass, photovoltaic solar panels, displays, microelectronic equipment, as well as packaging and antibacterial materials.

The company's know-how, protected by a number of patents, allows to apply film to large and complex objects of almost any composition—whether it be glass, metal, plastic or even wood. Most existing coating application processes require deep vacuum and high temperature for deposition, which is associated with high energy consumption. Advenira patented films are cost effective as they are used at room temperature and are suitable for atmospheric pressure conditions on a high-performance conveyor line.

Portfolio company Advenira Enterprises, Inc., founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 by a group of Russian scientists, holds the patents for the equipment for depositing nanocomposite coatings.

In June 2017, Advenira opened a production site in Kazan. The enterprise, located on the territory of the KhimGrad technological park, started the production of chemical agents for the application of multifunctional nanocoatings. Potential clients include national machinery, pipe, and aerospace companies.

Areas of Application

  • Renewable power generation, Energy conservation
  • Medical diagnostics, Biomedical prostheses


  • Leading international and Russian manufacturers of flat glass, as well as manufacturers of glass with special properties

Competitive Advantages

Compared to other application methods:

  • 3–5 times lower equipment cost
  • 10 times lower cost of coatings
  • Low energy use to produce coatings
  • Superior coating characteristics: transparent, improved barrier capabilities, resistant to erosion.
At present, there are several standard approaches for depositing functional nanocomposite films: physical vapor deposition (PVD); chemical vapor deposition (CVD); and several methods for applying a limited number of liquids, in particular the sol-gel process. The latter has many advantages, but its use is limited because the solution precursors have short useful lives. The SDN (Solution Derived Nanocomposite) technology is a modification of the sol-gel method that has overcome problems maintaining the precursor solution in its initial state.