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Akrilan LLC

Expanding the Water Dispersion Production

Operating Factories

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, private investors

Industry Sector 
New materials (Nanomaterials)

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Jobs created: 90

Investment Started:  2012

Total Budget

1.68  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
0.6  bln rubles

The largest Russian water polymeric dispersion manufacturer with the market share of 22%

The company provides a wide range of products of the paint and varnish industry, as well as nonwoven materials and adhesive materials. The majority of Russian and a number of global manufacturers (Tikkurila, Henkel) operating in the paint and varnish industry use Akrilan products.

The production began in 2009. In 2012, JSC RUSNANO joined the LLC Akrilan shareholders, which enabled to greatly increase the production capacity and expand the product range.

  • In 2017, the company’s turnover amounted to RUB 1,678 mln with EBITDA amounting to RUB 196 mln.
  • The annual turnover increase equalled 18% in 2017.
  • The company operates with a sustainable EBITDA margin of 12–15%.
  • Akrilan increases its sales volume every year, from 19,000 tons in 2015 to 26,000 tons in 2017.

Area of application

Dispersions are used to join (glue) various components in order to make a new water-based product, and as adsorbents for water dispersion paints.

The company’s products are used for producing

  • liquid acrylic-based construction materials: water-soluble paints, primers, sealants, putty, plaster, waterproof mixtures, flexstone, self-leveling floor and concrete additives
  • varnishes for furniture and parquet floors
  • adhesive bands, stickers and protective films
  • nonwoven materials (as a treatment).

Competitive Advantages

  • They enable to decrease the costs of the products for the manufacturers of paint and varnish and other materials.
  • They improve the consumer properties of paint and varnish and other materials.
  • The products are environmentally efficient, they contain no alkylphenol ethoxylates and a low level of volatile organic components.
  • The production is based on the technologies and formulas developed with the assistance of the experts of the Finnish company Rasio Chemicals.
  • A special Siemens optimisation system allows for 100% automation of the production process, which enables to fully eliminate the human factor and achieve sustainable product quality in every batch.
  • The company has its own R&D centre which develops new formulae or adapts the existing ones to meet the specific needs of a customer.


  • The company’s clients include the largest Russian and international Russian-based manufacturers of water-soluble paints, varnishes, adhesive materials, nonwoven materials and construction mixtures.

The production of thin dispersions of acrylic and vinylbenzene copolymers of LLC Akrilan is based on the emulsion polymerisation method. The principal novelty of the method is the possibility to create polymeric nanoparticles with narrow distribution sized from 40 to 100 nm (most dispersion brands are produced with the nanoparticles having the size of 65–95 nm).


Vinylbenzene dispersion Akrilan-101 is a universal use product. It is recommended for producing water dispersion paints for exteriors and interiors, enamels, varnishes, primers and putty.

For manufacturing the Akrilan-101 dispersion, styrene and acrylic acid butyl ether are used as comonomers in the optimal proportion to enable the necessary physical and mechanical properties of the film (tensile strength and relative extension). In order to increase the monomer conversion, polymerisation of residual monomer is used with the help of a redox system. At the same time, the total residual monomer level remains below 500 ppm, which has a positive effect on the consumer properties of the final product: the paint and varnish materials including Akrilan-101 have no monomer emission (VOC-free).


Vinylbenzene dispersion Akrilan-107 is recommended for producing water dispersion paints for exteriors and interiors and primers.
It is composed of acrylic acid butyl ether copolymer water dispersion and styrene, has no plasticisers and monomer emission (VOC-free).


Vinylbenzene dispersion Akrilan-114 is intended for a wide range of use, it is a universal adsorbent. Akrilan-114 has a number of features compared to the standard dispersions: low film formation temperature: 5–7°С and high elasticity.

It is composed of acrylic acid butyl ether copolymer water dispersion and styrene, has no plasticisers and monomer emission (VOC-free).


Vinylbenzene dispersion Akrilan-115 is recommended for use as a universal binding agent for paint and varnish materials of any construction-related use.

It is composed of acrylic acid butyl ether copolymer water dispersion and styrene, and has no plasticisers.

This dispersion has the following characteristics:

  • high resistance to mechanical stress
  • reduced water absorption of the unsupported film
  • high tensile strength
  • absence of plasticiser and antifreeze
  • high stability of paint and varnish materials during storage
  • contains no alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO-free)
  • has no monomer emission (VOC-free).


The acrylic dispersion for water-based paint and varnish materials intended for the production of high quality wood finishes (including furniture and parquet varnishes).

It has the following characteristics:

  • the small particle size provides a better gloss for the finish
  • absence of plasticiser and antifreeze
  • low film formation temperature
  • the ability to cross-link at the room temperature
  • high resistance to blocking effect
  • the film’s high abrasion resistance
  • resistance to whitening when exposed to water
  • high resistance to ultraviolet
  • contains no alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO-free)
  • has no monomer emission (VOC-free).