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Advanced Technologies Center

Analytical Equipment for the Nanoindustry

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RUSNANO, Scientific and Production Company ATC

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Nuclear Medicine and Medical Instrument Making

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Jobs to be created: 75

Investment Started:  2010

Total Budget

0.39  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
0.14  bln rubles

Production of analytical instruments for research in materials science, biology, and medicine. Production of high-precision sensors for analyses of chemical and biological substances

Portfolio company Advanced Technologies Center manufactures the FemtoScan series of scanning probe microscopes—precision instruments that use the mechanical movement of a probe (cantilever) to study the surface of an object. The microscopes are precise to about one nanometer. ATC also produces atomic scales that can register the presence of particles of various substances at the level of individual atoms. One promising application of these scales is as quick-response biosensors.

The company has established an R&D center where it will conduct research to perfect technology, carry out engineering development, and test prototypes and models. The center will supply software to work in instrument-managing and image-processing modes.

The scanning probe microscopes that ATC produces are capable of more than 50 sophisticated research regimes—contact atomic force microscopy, resonance atomic force microscopy, scanning frictional microscopy, scanning resistance microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, electrostatic microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, force curve analysis, and nanolithography among them. Combining compact size with powerful software packages, ATC instruments can be accessed through the Internet with open architecture.

Areas of application

  • Materials science
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Nanotechnology
  • Surface quality control


  • Nanotechnology centers
  • Research institutes and departments
  • Producers of nanoproducts

Competitive advantages

  • Highly flexible, multipurpose instruments
  • Broad capability for analyses
  • Low production costs

FemtoScan scanning probe microscope

FemtoScan scanning probe microscopeThis multifunctional scanning probe microscope may be fully controlled through the Internet or controlled locally.

The compact instrument has very powerful software support that permits remote access through the Internet. The software’s open architecture platform provides flexibility for a wide array of research experiments and surface control tests.

With the FemtoScan it is possible to see objects of submicroscopic size and obtain atomic or molecular resolution on the surface of crystals and films. The microscope can scan the same surface of a sample time and time again with various magnifications to facilitate study of the most minuscule details.

Diagram of the mechanical system of the scanning probe microscope

Diagram of the mechanical system of the scanning probe microscope

BioScan atomic balance

BioScan atomic balanceThis is a multifunctional analyzer of chemical and biological substances.

In theory, the technology of cantilevered sensors enables measurement of mass with the precision of 10-18 gram, which is comparable to the mass of one protein molecule. ATC developed the BioScan atomic balance for practical implementation of such sensitive measurement. BioScan registers ultralow amounts of substances in gases and liquids. It combines the functions of biological and chemical nanosensors. BioScan’s primary advantages over rival instruments are record-setting sensitivity to mass, minimal requirements for reagents, multifunctionality, and compactness.