Portfolio Companies

Beneq Oy

Thin Film Technology and Equipment

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, private co-investors, minority shareholders

Industry Sector 
Coatings and Surface Modification

Production Location 
Espoo (Finland)
Job created: 125

Investment Started:  2009

Total Budget

1.19  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
1.19  bln rubles

Development of business platforms for applying Beneq Oy’s technology (ALD and aerosol technology nAERO and nHALO) in commercial production and R&D in Russia and CIS countries

Beneq is a supplier of production and research equipment for advanced thin film coatings. The company serves the cleantech and renewable energy fields and is at the forefront of applications development in solar power technology, energy conservation, flexible electronics, and strengthened glass. Beneq is using its thin film experience and industry-proven equipment to increase the efficiency of crystalline silicon and thin film solar cells, to produce transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coated glass and to make touch screen glass more durable. Beneq has introduced its innovations within its coating technologies, including true roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) and high-yield atmospheric aerosol coating nAERO®.

As part of its planned expansion into existing and emerging markets, Beneq commonly establishes collaborative activities with research centers, universities, and centers of excellence in regions where demand for its solutions is high and growing. In the short term, Beneq plans to initiate more activity centers, including one in Russia, where company will further develop applications and equipment for the needs of customers in Russia and the CIS.

In 2015 Beneq plans to hold significant positions in markets worldwide: 90 percent of the market for ALD glass strengthening, 60 percent to 70 percent in c-Si passivation, and 50 percent in CIGS buffer layers for solar panels, and 45 percent in OLED encapsulation market.

Areas of application

  • Solar modules
  • Optics and lighting equipment
  • Organic and flexible electronics


  • Producers of solar panels, screens for home and portable electronics

Competitive advantages

  • Large area of treated surface
  • Precise application in layers ranging from one nanometer to 1,000 nanometers
  • Uniform coating for complex surfaces
  • Self-cleaning surfaces