Portfolio Companies

Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.

Production of High-performance Routers Using Electro-optical Information Transmission at the Level of Individual Chips

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
Benchmark, Pitango Venture Capital, Marker, Comcast Ventures, T-Ventures (Deutsche Telecom), Cisco, RUSNANO

Industry Sector 
Nanoelectronics and Photonics

Production Location 
Netanya (Israel)
Jobs created: 100

Investment Started:  2013

The solutions offered by Compass-EOS are based on the company’s own icPhotonics™ technology, which uses unique electro-optical information transfer at the level of individual chips. The technology has led to the creation of an innovative router architecture that consumes much less power and occupies substantially less space than existing routers. The new router achieves high-speed data transfer with large capacity. In addition to low cost of operation, the technology offers a distributed scalable system of routing gateways, which promises a breakthrough comparable to that achieved by data center virtualization.

In May 2014 Compass-EOS opened a Russian presence, which will include an R&D-center and commercial sales office. The Moscow office is headed by Mikhail Galkin in the post of CEO of Compass-EOS Russia.

In May 2014 Compass-EOS was a prizewinner of the Red Herring Top 100 Award, an annual event, which confers special distinction in the technology industry. The winners are selected from over a thousand candidates in each region of the globe. Companies are assessed by 20 different criteria, including technology innovation, management quality, market size, investment attractiveness, customer acquisition and financial health.

Areas of application

  • Telecommunications


  • Telecom equipment manufacturers

Competitive advantages

  • Creation of more compact equipment, requiring less energy
  • Low equipment operating costs
  • Throughput up to 800 Gbit/s
  • Minimal data losses and optical interference between -20 and -30dB in transmission

The project enables production of high-performance Compass routers using electro-optical information transfer at the level of individual chips for the Tier-1 edge opportunities and Tier-2/3 core opportunities segments: router A (10GE and 100GE) supporting both previous-generation 10GE (Gigabyte Ethernet) standards and 100 GE innovative standards that offer data transfer speeds of up to 100 Gbit/s; Router B (10GE and OC192), supporting both the 10GE standard and the OC192 standard, used for data transmission within a synchronous optical network (SONET) in the highways of large providers. The innovative architecture of routers Compass promises consistent, efficient scalability of the technology (unachievable in principle using existing technologies) as well as the following advantages: throughput capacity up to 800 Gbit/s; low weight and size of the router (82 kg); minimal data loss and optical interference within -20 to -30dB during transmission; high efficiency thanks to possible application of parallel optical channels; and passive connection board thanks to the replacement of copper wires by electro-optics, which reduces expenditure on cooling and electricity.