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New Generation Manufacturer of Prefabricated Construction Units

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Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
Morton, RUSNANO, Promsvyazbank

Industry Sector 

Production Location 
Kotovo, Naro-Fominsk District, Moscow Region

Investment Started:  2013

Total Budget

bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
bln rubles

DSK Grad is a high-tech design and production company, which uses the latest international technologies and innovative developments from RUSNANO in its business.

The company has a unique position in the Russian construction industry. It is the first new national-scale manufacturer of prefabricated units for residential construction to have appeared on the market in the last 30 years.

This unique position makes DSK Grad ideally suited for a role piloting new technologies for the construction industry, which are being developed by RUSNANO portfolio companies. The company will use paints, fillers and concrete plasticizers made by Akrilan, window blocks from STiS, adhesive solutions and special chemicals from Metaclay and, in the future, a range of other products from RUSNANO portfolio companies. The mission of DSK Grad is to prove that use of innovative technologies in the construction industry can set new standards of product quality at the same time as reducing final costs through savings on transportation of prefabricated panels and though low-cost maintenance of prefabricated buildings.

DSK Grad Products

The DSK Grad plant, located near Moscow, has installed the most up-to-date German equipment and will incorporate a total of five production lines, as follows:

  • Three circulating pallet lines
  • A line for additional elements (stairways, elevator shafts, fences, loggias)
  • A line for floor slabs, columns and beams.

The automated circulating pallet lines will be managed by a CAD/CAM system. Shaped steel reinforcement cages will be delivered automatically to the circulating pallet lines from three mesh-welding units, equipped with special cranes. A concrete-mixing unit with capacity of 150 m3 per hour will supply the needs of all the production lines. The plant also has its own concrete-mixing plant, as well as a unit for the production of steel reinforcements for concrete and a warehouse system.

DSK Grad will use equipment supplied by leading international manufacturers (Sommer, Elematic, AWM, Teko and Weckenmann) to make high-quality products without limitation to fixed series and capable of flexible adaptation to any architectural planning project. Use of the equipment will also minimize costs, Specific cost savings are as follows:

  • 70 persent reduction of labor costs by the use of new-generation mesh-welding machines
  • Halving of time required for loading and unloading
  • No need for a crane thanks to the use of semi-trailer inloaders.

Scope of Application

  • Construction

Competitive Advantages

  • Up-to-date plant for the production of reinforced concrete units for prefabricated construction. Production capacity equivalent to more than 525,000 sqm of floor space per year (equal to 9,000 apartments or a block of flats with 160 floors)
  • 70 persent automation of production
  • Up-to-date equipment supplied by leading German manufacturers
  • High-tech components for the standardized construction of housing, schools and kindergartens with enhanced levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

The manufacturing system used by DSK Grad can be adapted to produce units for any construction project without the need for equipment refit, from social and commercial buildings (kindergartens and schools, office buildings, cultural and sports facilities) to industrial buildings and special-use buildings. Output will not be limited to a fixed range of building types, but can be adapted to each architectural-planning project, producing components of varying complexity using a broad range of architectural and planning solutions.

DSK Grad’s Design and Manufacturing Base is Unique in Russia by a Number of Criteria

  • Unique design and manufacturing technologies, which can produce high-quality products using various design solutions, model and implement projects of any complexity to the highest standards, and provide mobile and flexible production at minimum costs
  • World-class equipment with excellent levels of productivity and efficiency, and a continuous production cycle
  • Maximum automation of all processes, eliminating technology error and human error, and optimizing the use of labor resources.


  • Use of texture matrices and colored concretes to obtain various texture and color finishes, giving an exclusive appearance to buildings. DSK Grad is the first company in Russia to practice automatic stacking of matrices on palettes and their storage on circulation lines
  • Use of flexible fiberglass connectors in the manufacture of external three-layered walls, providing more reliable and long-lasting attachment of external and internal concrete layers compared with traditional techniques
  • The use of heat-retaining windows can reduce energy losses by up to 70 percent
  • A new low-temperature concrete hardening process enables reduction of energy costs by 50 percent.