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Blood Coagulation Testing Instruments

Operating Factories

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, VEB Capital, Sberbank Capital

Industry Sector 
Innovative Nanobiopharmaceutics

Production Location 
Jobs to be created: 30

Investment Started:  2010

Total Budget

1.09  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
880  mln rubles

Portfolio company HemaCore aims to transform approaches to prevention, care, and treatment of blood clotting disorders by bringing new capacity of hemostasis diagnostics. Thrombodynamics® is a global assay for risk assessment of thrombosis, which is the basic mechanism of the three leading cardiovascular failures: myocardial infarction, stroke, and thromboembolism.

“A pulmonary embolus may be viewed as an act of God, impossible to reliably predict or to completely avoid”: taking up this challenge, the company set to develop and manufacture innovative diagnostic systems, translating long-standing research findings of clotting mechanisms into practice.

HemaCore’s activities focus on production and introduction into the world clinical practice of fundamentally new and more efficient diagnostic tests to facilitate the assessment of thrombosis risk and adequacy of thromboprophylaxis or therapy as a way of taking control over the life-threatening complications, such as thrombosis and bleeding.

The company’s portfolio includes developments of various stages: Thrombodynamics® assay, Thrombodynamics-4D assay, fibrinolysis evaluation test, contraction evaluation test, that is necessary equipment, consumables kit, and special algorithms and software for automatic analysis and calculation of the results obtained.

The company’s intellectual property strategy is based on a strong portfolio of patents in various fields (biotechnology, mathematics) covering the most important world markets: the USA, Europe, Eurasia, China, Japan, Canada, and Russia.

Since the end of 2012 the company has been working its way up from commercialization and the sales of Thrombodynamics® Analyser System (IVD devices and kits) in domestic research centers to the inclusion of the Thrombodynamics® assay into the national clinical guidelines.

Since 2016, the complete list of the company’s products with the RUO status has been exported to the European market, and since 2019, to the North American market.

Area of Application

  • Practical healthcare
  • Fundamental science
  • Medicines and plasma drug development
  • Evaluation of the material-induced thrombogenicity of the implantable devices or the medical products interacting with blood.


  • Healthcare providers
  • Research centers and university clinics

Competitive Advantages

For patients:

  • Minimization of thrombotic events to complete elimination
  • Opportunities for addressing the issue of reproductive loss.

For doctors:

  • Registration of coagulation system shifts before clinical symptoms occur
  • Convenient and reliable tool to ensure the thrombo-hemorrhagic safety for the patient
  • Easily interpreted test result
  • Increased patient adherence to therapy.

For healthcare managers:

  • Improving the medical, social, and economic efficiency of health care.

At the core of the Thrombodynamics® assay are the observation over and registration of parameters of the spatial fibrin clot growth in the conditions as close to the physiological ones as possible: the activation of clotting mechanisms to prevent blood loss in response to damage.

To reproduce in vitro these conditions, a special nanocoating containing the coagulation factor (tissue factor), which activates the whole complex of coagulation cascade, was created on an artificial analog of the cell membrane.

Along with the numerical parameters, the test report includes pictures of the clot growth, which visualize the patient’s hemostasis state, thereby significantly simplifying the dialogue between the doctor and the patient and having a positive effect on therapy adherence, which itself is a separate and specific issue in the cardiovascular disease control.