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Growth and modernization of manufacturing facilities for high brightness LEDs

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Industry Sector 
Nanoelectronics and Photonics

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St. Petersburg
Jobs created: 52

Investment Started:  2015

Total Budget

569  mln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
569  mln rubles

The only Russian lighting producer with technological and full-cycle manufacturing capabilities for making world-class LEDs and LED equipment

LED-Energoservice LLC is a local lighting manufacturer with technological and full-cycle production capabilities for making world-class LED equipment. The company produces LEDs, LED modules, secondary optics and lighting equipment (based on these LED components), which rival the best Russian and international equivalents in terms of effectiveness and price. LED-Energoservice’s product range includes multi-purpose LED lighting fixtures for industrial, street, office and explosion-proof lighting needs.

The products are manufactured using high-velocity encapsulation of a chip in plastic or ceramic cases. Production processes for making and applying luminescent substances, developed in-house are employed. The factory manufactures six types of secondary optics (lenses).

LED-Energoservice’s manufacturing plant (Optogan) in Saint Petersburg is equipped with modern production and communication facilities. Flexibility and scalability of production enable the plant to manufacture a wide range and large volume of goods that meet clients’ needs, and give the factory an opportunity to participate in projects of varying complexity.

Competitive Advantages of LED Technologies

  • Service life is 3 to 10 times longer than that of incandescent light bulbs, mercury and luminescent light bulbs. LEDs and LED modules last for more than 100,000 hours, while LED lamps for more than 50,000 hours.
  • Their luminous efficacy is 2 to 10 times higher than that of incandescent light bulbs, mercury and luminescent light bulbs, and reaches 148 lm/W.
  • Flickering of LED lamps does not exceed 5%, unlike that of traditional lighting sources, which can reach 60%.
  • High quality colour rendering. A colour rendering index of at least 75 Ra, in comparison to sodium-vapour and mercury-vapour lamps with index values of less than 50 Ra.
  • A wide range of colour temperatures, from lower values of 2,700 K (yellow light) to higher values of 6,500 K (“colder”, blue light). They are suitable for different types of premises, the outdoors, as well as architectural lighting design and artistic lighting needs.
  • Low wattage consumption. Using LED lamps means that high wattages are not required at construction sites, and loads on existing electricity grids are significantly reduced when upgrading lighting equipment.
  • Stability. LED lamps turn on instantaneously and reset without adverse effects on quality of light or durability of lighting equipment. This allows for the use of automated lighting control systems, which can lead to additional power saving.
  • Safety. LED lamps do not contain mercury, lead and other dangerous chemicals, and, therefore, do not require any special conditions of use, which once again leads to additional energy savings.
  • Flexibility of use. LED’s wide spectrum range, light distribution and means of installation allow for solutions to various lighting needs to be found.
  • Practicality. Durable physical properties, a wide temperature range when in use, and a top protection rating (IP) of the lamps ensure their long service life even in extreme conditions.

Manufacturing Plant’s Competitive Advantages

  • A wide range of solutions based on in-house components More than 100 lamp varieties meant for various purposes
  • Flexibility and speed when designing and then introducing the final product
  • Localized manufacturing (of up to 98%) means competitive prices and a set course towards import substitution.
  • Guaranteed use of up to 5 years

Areas of Use

  • Industrial lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Sales point lighting
  • Lighting for agricultural facilities
  • Lighting for explosion-hazard facilities
  • Lighting for vast outdoor space


Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, EuroChem Group AG, JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, JSC Gazprom, PAO Severstal, PJSC United Aircraft Corporation, PJSC Sberbank, PJSC ALROSA Group, Metalloinvest Holding and JSC Mosenergo.

Technology for high speed encapsulation of LEDs

  • Chip assembly
  • Die bonding
  • Application of luminescent substances
  • LED sorting
  • LED packaging

5 types of LEDs

  • Low wattage LEDs F2x
  • Moderate wattage LEDs F6х with luminous efficacy of 190-195 lm/W
  • High wattage LEDs F04, F10 with luminous efficacy of 130-165 lm/W
  • Monochromatic LEDs
  • Colored LEDs