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Mapper LLC

The Production of MEMS Elements for Electro-optical Systems Used in Lithography Devices

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Nanoelectronics and Photonics

Investment Started:  2012

Total Budget

20  mln euros
Co-investment by RUSNANO
20  mln euros

Producer of a wide range of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS-foundry) on a contract manufacturing basis

Mapper LLC was founded in 2012 as part of a joint project between RUSNANO and the Dutch company Mapper Lithography aimed at producing MEMS elements for electro-optical systems used in lithography devices.

In 2014 Mapper LLC, supported by specialists from the Dutch company Mapper Lithography and leading contractors and planners with experience in this field, constructed a facility in the Moscow Technopolis SEZ and launched the production of MEMS elements. Over the next four years Mapper LLC was able to successfully develop the core technology, optimize technological processes and launch mass production of the full range of MEMS elements for electro-optical systems ordered by Mapper Lithography—in total more than 30 different modifications.

To use the internationally-accepted industry terminology, Mapper LLC works as a MEMS foundry—a factory making MEMS elements on a contract manufacturing basis. Moreover, Mapper LLC develops its own technology for the production of these items, based on its existing technological processes. In its facility Mapper LLC has built an automated production line for 100 mm silicon wafers (which can be adapted for the production of 150 and 200 mm wafers in the future) and developed supporting infrastructure for the mass production of MEMS elements, which will allow it to produce a wide range of innovative elements for various customers in Russia and internationally on a contract manufacturing basis.

The company has clean technical premises (compliant with the ISO 6 standard for cleanrooms) and equipment used in the production of MEMS elements on silicon wafers. In February 2019 TÜV Rheinland awarded it an international quality management system certificate, confirming its compliance with GOST R ISO 9001:2015.

The company’s core staff have experience in working abroad, and its production specialists have undergone on-site training in the Netherlands. In the view of its Russian partners in the industry, Mapper LLC’s production of MEMS elements meets the standards applied in the most advanced European factories.

Mapper LLC makes preproduction prototypes and mass produces items for more than 10 customers in the Russian market. The company is expanding its work with Russian clients, and has approximately 15 potential customers.

Areas of Application

MEMS elements are primarily used in different types of electronic sensors or electromechanical transformers.

Mapper LLC manufactures MEMS elements and develops related technological processes for use in the following core applications:

  • sensors used in gyroscopes and accelerometers, for use in inertia-based navigation systems
  • matrix elements for non-refrigerated infrared detectors forming part of thermal imaging components used in systems to measure human temperature and in complex security systems with thermal cameras
  • SAW radio frequency filters for use in new-generation radio telecommunications and satellite navigation systems
  • LIDAR micromirrors for use in autonomous vehicles
  • probes (cantilevers) for use in atomic force microscopes.


  • Producers of inertia-based navigation systems: TechnoComplex Inertia Technologies JSC (Ramenskoye), Girooptika JSC (Saint-Petersburg), Isense LLC (Moscow).
  • ASTRON OKB (Lytkarino), the leading producer of thermal imaging equipment.
  • BUTIS Research and Production Center (Moscow), the leading developer and producer of high-frequency band filters.

Competitive Advantages

Russia’s only facility with the capacity to mass produce MEMS elements.

Mapper LLC’s MEMS production provides its Russian partners with manufacturing services consistent with the quality standards set by the best European factories, at European price levels. Mapper LLC also develops technological processes to enable its customers to launch production operations, beginning with small batches.

MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) are integrated systems composed of mechanical or electromechanical devices and structures, created using microelectronics production processes.

MEMS devices include 3D structures which can sense and manipulate various physical and chemical properties. Like other typical mechatronic systems, MEMS devices include micro-sensors that react to specific variable external parameters and convert them into electrical signals that are then processed using micro-circuitry monitoring a micro-actuator, which makes any necessary adjustments to the parameter.

The production line is located in a cleanroom with an area of 1500 sqm (compliant with ISO 6) and includes all the main operations required for the production of a wide range of MEMS elements, including:

  • Lithographic section
  • Etching section
  • Coating section
  • Liquid processing section
  • Metrological equipment.

Wafer diameter: 100 mm (can be converted to produce 150-200 mm wafers).

All the equipment is designed to operate automatically.