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New Instrumental Solutions

Solid-cast Instruments with Multilayer Nanostructured Coatings

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Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, Gazprombank, NPO Saturn

Industry Sector 
Coatings and Surface Modification

Production Location 
Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Oblast

Investment Started:  2008

Total Budget

bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
0.50  bln rubles

Full-cycle production of instruments with nanostructured PVD coating using a deposition technology developed at Kurchatov Institute

Researchers at the Kurchatov Institute developed the technology used in this project—application of nanostructured coatings to metal-cutting instruments. The coatings increase wear resistance of the tools by 2.5 times, decreasing the frequency of replacement and lowering overall tool costs.

Competitive advantages

  • Highest quality tools
  • Custom tool design and production
  • Flexible pricing
  • Fast shipment

Areas of application

  • Jet engine building
  • Aviation and space industries
  • Mechanical engineering for power and transportation
  • Shipbuilding

Nanostructured coatings are applied using vacuum deposition of plasma obtained from the evaporation of material from metallic or metal-ceramic cathodes with deep alloying of the coating layers assisted with an ion beam. Scientists at the new enterprise, established with the participation of RUSNANO, apply the nanocoatings using a Kremen unit.

That technical solution enhances the wear resistance of the nanocoated tool, which permits metalworking at higher velocities and lengthens the service life of the tools. Better technical characteristics of the nanocoated tools—greater hardness and tensile strength—signifi cantly improve labor productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. Compared with an uncoated tool, metal removal rises by 2.0 times to 2.5 times; cutting speed and intervals between sharpening are extended by 1.5 times to 2.0 times.

Coating a Metal-Cutting Tool

Diagram of vacuum nanostructured coating using several plasma sources with an assisting beam of high-energy metallic ions (IBAD, ion beam assisted deposition technology).

Coating a Metal-Cutting Tool