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New Technologies of Construction LLC

Road Paving Modifier Unirem

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Industry Sector 
New materials (Nanomaterials)

Production Location 
Podolsk, Moscow Region
Jobs to be created: 70

Investment Started:  2010

Total Budget

1.85  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
1.29  bln rubles

Limited Liability Company “New Technologies of Construction” (NTC LLC) is an active industrial manufacturer of the innovative material—the UNIREM paving asphalt modifier

The manufacture of the UNIREM composite material is based on active rubber powder and makes use of the Russian technology made by the Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences: high temperature shear grinding of polymeric materials and high-dispersity materials with elements of micro and nanostructures produced on the basis of this technology.
The use of the UNIREM modifier in the construction/reconstruction/repair of road facilities allows for up to a twofold reduction in grooves on the road surface, a reduction in the formation of thermal cracks and coating defects, a reduction in the formation of fatigue cracks, and an increase in the period between repair work on the asphalt concrete pavement by 20-25%.
Effective use of the UNIREM modifier has been verified on more than 20 million sq m of road surface laid on various public road facilities including federal highways with high traffic flow. NTC’ products have been applied in 28 regions of the Russian Federation. The effectiveness of the use of the UNIREM modifier has been proven by the results of 10-year monitoring studies of public road facilities. The most recent monitoring studies were conducted by an independent laboratory at the end of 2017.
Calculation of the economic efficiency of using the UNIREM modifier, drawing on the 2015 monitoring results, revealed that if the repair strategy involves carrying out repair works using the UNIREM modifier in asphalt mixtures in one case versus using usual asphalt in the other, then in 12 years the surface with UNIREM will be replaced 2 times, whereas the surface without it needs to be replaced 3 times. For example, if 15% (2,220 km out of 14,800 km) of roads in the Moscow Region were repaired annually with the use of asphalt concrete with UNIREM, the annual savings of funds allocated for the repair of the road network would be between 1.1 billion and 1.67 billion rubles.

Areas of Aplication

  • Road building
  • Airport facilities


  • Road-construction companies

Competitive Advantages

  • Greater durability and longer service life
  • Fewer ruts and reflective cracks
  • Greater resistance to water and ice
  • Less costly road repair and maintenance

This project centers on technology for manufacturing paving asphalt modifiers with micro- and nanomosaic structures based on active rubber powder. The Unirem modifier is produced by grinding used tires at high temperatures and under high pressure. After the addition of the modifier, road surfaces become highly durable, extending the time between road repairs by 25 percent to 30 percent.

During five years of monitoring conditions on roads with Unirem modifier, studies confirmed that the paving was more durable: The new surfaces were less susceptible to deformation from cyclical high and low temperatures and had greater resistance to shift. There were unaffected by water. They did not crack or develop ruts. Based on tests of the Unirem modifier, the Federal Highway Agency, Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation, approved its use for construction, reconstruction, capital repair, and maintenance of the country’s roads and highways.

Active Rubber Powder for Unirem Composite Material