Portfolio Companies


Nanostructured Membranes and Related Modules

Operating Factories

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, Vladipor-M

Industry Sector 
New materials (Nanomaterials)

Production Location 
Jobs to be created: 160

Investment Started:  2010

Total Budget

2.25  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
1.46  bln rubles

Production of nanostructured membranes and separating modules for water treatment and water purification

The portfolio company manufactures polymer membranes and membrane-based separation modules for ultra- and nano-filtration and reverse osmosis. Membrane pores range from 1/10th of a nanometer to 100 nanometers.

RM Nanotech’s products will replace similar imported goods with domestic products that have better consumer properties. The portfolio company has excellent prospects for future development, including new membrane forms tailored to specific applications thanks to project initiator and shareholder Vladipor-M, a science and technology center that transferred its membrane studies and technological advances, and to high demand for better quality water.

Areas of application

  • Water treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry


  • Engineering companies producing water purification systems and businesses engaged in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries

Competitive advantages

  • High-quality products
  • Low production costs

Membrane technology is widely used in all areas of industry where water and waste treatment are needed. Membrane technology used in power industry, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry reduces costs in obtaining water that is ultraclean, saltfree, and free of microbes and bacteria. In both sewage treatment and concentrated solutions for the chemical and milk industries, membrane technology lowers production costs.