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RusnanoMedInvest and NovaMedica

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Industry Sector 
Innovative Nanobiopharmaceutics

Investment Started:  2012

Investment in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment Localization and production of innovative pharmaceuticals in Russia

RusnanoMedInvest, established in March 2012, is one of the largest venture capital companies in Russia and Eastern Europe, which specializes in creating innovative products in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment sphere.

The company, managed by RUSNANO, is working on an initiative to

  • localize novel technologies in Russia in the pharmaceutical sector
  • establish a world-class organization specializing in venture capital and fundraising, based in Russia, for the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare sphere
  • and to attract more investors willing to finance this part of the Russian economy.

NovaMedica is a modern Russian pharmaceutical company, founded in 2012 by the U.S. venture capital firm Domain Associates LLC and RUSNANO. NovaMedica is a portfolio company of the RusnanoMedInvest fund. NovaMedica's strategy is aimed at searching for, registering and localizing intellectual property rights for innovative pharmaceutical products and technologies in Russia, and at developing and implementing its own R&D projects.

NovaMedica owns intellectual property rights of 36 innovative products in Russia and the CIS from the portfolio of the RusnanoMedInvest venture fund. These products include antiviral and anti-inflammatory medications, treatments for eye diseases and epilepsy, and innovative technologies for detection of oncological and infectious diseases.

In addition, NovaMedica is in the process of developing a number of in-house products. By 2022, the company’s R&D department plans to create approximately 15 innovative medications. Five of these products are in different drug development stages, ranging from synthesis of a new drug to clinical trials and registration phase. Four others are in their launch stage. These pharmaceuticals are treatments for gastrointestinal diseases, pain management, and for neurology, ophthalmology and rheumatology spheres.

In April 2017, NovaMedica opened a Technology Centre with the latest cutting-edge capabilities, previously unavailable in the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

In 2016, NovaMedica became Pfizer’s key partner in Russia. In May 2017, NovaMedica started building a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility in the Kaluga Region within the framework of this partnership.