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SBT Management Company LLC

Design and Manufacture of Wireless Systems Using Russian-made 90/40-nanometer Processors

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Nanoelectronics and Photonics

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Investment Started:  2013

Total Budget

0.10  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
bln rubles

Setting up fabless production of circuits using 90/45-nanometer technologies and of assemblies based on such circuits

The project is presented by SBT, which is one of Russia’s leading producers of hardware and applications for wireless networks. SBT develops its products using the latest measurement, laboratory, testing and manufacturing equipment from top-rank international suppliers.

As well as creating wireless systems and equipment, SBT carries out development work to order for manufacturing companies, research institutions, design organizations, telecom network integrators and other public institutions and private companies.

The company provides its customers with wireless solutions for various purposes, including transport systems, terminals, processors and chips, and aerial equipment.

The joint project is for the development of special-purpose digital radio relay equipment and also of wireless devices for automated control and accounting of energy use. The products will have a high-performance micro- and nanoelectronic core, consisting of new-generation integrated circuits using 90-nanometer technology and below.

Scope of application

  • Transport companies
  • Construction companies
  • Law enforcement and defence
  • Housing utilities


  • Telecommunications
  • Transport

Competitive advantages

  • The project team has experience working on similar projects
  • There are no solutions offering comparable performance available on the market today