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Thermoelectric Cooling and Generating Systems

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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Jobs to be created: 200

Investment Started:  2011

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1.63  bln rubles
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0.6  bln rubles

Production of thermoelectric systems using CERATOM non-ceramic technology

Thermoelectricity is a promising alternative energy source. It is one of the lowest in cost and most reliable. CERATOM’s thermoelectric system generates electricity at $.07/W, comparable to thermal and nuclear energy and considerably less costly than other alternative energy sources.

Thermoelectricity is used in active cooling, temperature control and electric power generation under conditions that are not amenable to traditional methods, such as in compressor or absorption refrigerators. Thermoelectric modules are used in equipment for transportation and space, lasers, electronics, and telecommunications, and in household appliances.

Areas of application

  • Uninterruptible power supplies for gas distribution substations
  • Cooling of solid-state and diode lasers
  • Telecommunications
  • Power generation
  • Humidity control


  • Producers of lasers and telecommunications equipment and oil and gas companies

Competitive advantages

  • Many configurations and sizes of thermoelectric modules
  • High performance
  • Low price

Thermoelectric systems for cooling and power generation

Layout of the CERATOM® (TERMIONA) cooling module based on a next generation Peltier element. Comparison of Peltier elements: generic technology and CERATOM® technology.

Thermoelectric systems for cooling and power generation

Advantages of the CERATOM® technology

  • Thermal resistance of layers 100 times lower
  • Cost of layers 100 times less
  • Thermal contact with the heat sink ideal
  • Thermal and mechanical endurance high
  • Full automation of production