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Precision-engineered Pipes of Stainless Steel and Alloys

Operating Factories

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Industry Sector 
New materials (Nanomaterials)

Production Location 
Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Oblast
Jobs created: 400

Investment Started:  2010

Total Budget

3.75  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
1.30  bln rubles

Production of high precision pipes by modifying the metal at the nanolevel to improve resistance to aggressive environments

Portfolio company TMK-INOX has designed its pipes for service in the energy sector, including nuclear power generation, also engineering, aviation and space. The company has introduced advanced cold-rolling mills, a new method of deformation and lubrication for forming hard, ultrathin separating layers suited to significant contact stress and plastic deformation. Ultrapure hydrogen, purified with nanostructured zeolite, preserves pipe properties during thermal processing and reduces the number of technological operations that are required.

Высокопрочные прецизионные трубыThe company’s products meet the most rigorous national and international standards. Since beginning the project, TMK-INOX has won notable shares in Russian markets, where foreign manufacturers used to dominate, and it has its strengthened positions in international markets.

Areas of application

  • Oil and gas production
  • Energy sector
  • Mechanical engineering and automotive construction
  • Air and space industry


  • Engineering firms, producers of nuclear energy, and power generation, and chemical industries

Competitive advantages

  • Resistance to corrosive environments
  • Durability of surface and materials
  • Strength and ductility simultaneously
  • 30% more efficient manufacturing processes

Precise control of deformation and temperature parameters during processing enables formation of a crystal lattice of metal nanostructures, enhancing plasticity and corrosion resistance, providing particular geometric parameters, and improving surfaces. The project manufactures precision stainless steel and alloy pipes with superior qualities at significantly lower production costs.