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Cascade Plasmapheresis Based on Track Membranes

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, company founders

Industry Sector 
Innovative Nanobiopharmaceutics

Production Location 
Dubna, Moscow Oblast
Jobs to be created: 650

Investment Started:  2009

Total Budget

2.69  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
1.29  bln rubles

Production of track membranes with pore diameters of 20 nanometers to 100 nanometers. Production of multifunctional equipment for membrane plasmapheresis, cascade plasma filtration, and other methods of extracorporal hemocorrection

Медицинская техника для каскадного плазмаферезаCascade filtration is a high-tech procedure for selectively removing viruses and harmful proteins from the blood while retaining the blood’s beneficial components.

The new filters are distinguished by track membranes of polyethylene terephthalate with nanosized (20 nm to 100 nm) pores. They are obtained by bombarding the polymer with ions of inert gases with high atomic mass accelerated to high energies using a cyclotron. Traces left by the ions in the material (tracks) are selectively treated with ultraviolet radiation and chemical etching to create pores with the required geometric characteristics. Cascade filtration is used to treat atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, heart failure, acute poisoning, and other diseases.

The project is at the interface of a number of high-tech fields: medicine, nuclear physics, and instrument making. In addition to its use in medicine, nanofiltration of liquid and gaseous media is finding increasing application in other industries. For portfolio company TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY, this means a future of other applications for filtration technology based on its track membranes.

Area of application

  • Medicine


  • Specialized prevention and treatment facilities, hospitals, medical centers, and clinics

Competitive advantages

  • Proprietary production technology
  • Simplicity of use
  • Mobility
  • Affordability

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