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Flexible High-barier Packaging Material

Operating Factories

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
RUSNANO, Uralplastic

Industry Sector 
New materials (Nanomaterials)

Production Location 
Aramil, Sverdlovsk Oblast
Jobs created: 450

Investment Started:  2010

Total Budget

2.55  bln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
1.08  bln rubles

Production of high-barrier packaging solutions for storing food and non-food products

Uralplastic-N is using know-how in three related areas: production of nanocomposites from clay and ceramics, introduction of nanocomposite additives to polymer packaging material, and manufacturing of modified flexible films with improved qualities.

In October 2011 the company began producing the modified flexible polymer packaging. The factory has been equipped with machinery for preparing nanocomposites from clay and ceramics. The facility is designed to produce 1,800 tons of flexible material per month, roughly enough to wrap 650 million packages of prepared goods.

Areas of application

  • Food products
  • Detergents and other household products
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial chemicals


  • Producers of fast-moving consumer goods, chemical companies

Competitive advantages

  • High barrier properties, impermeable to oxygen and water vapor
  • Better physical and mechanical properties
  • Package is thinner by 20 percent to 30 percent

High-barrier polymer films modified with nanocomposites improve the quality and lengthen the shelf life of products. So, for instance, a prepackaged dinner item can be stored up to five years without requiring preservatives. That is a substantial increase from traditional foil packaging which is expensive and can provide shelf life of only six months to two years. Food packed in the modified material can be heated right in its packaging. While traditional packaging material cannot be recycled or recycling is expensive due to the complex structure of the material, Uralplastic’s product can be reprocessed and serve multiple lives.

The modified polymer film also has improved physical and mechanical properties, such as exceptional tensile strength, resistance to puncturing and blowing. Packaging is thinner, more transparent, and less expensive because fewer layers are needed to produce the high-barrier characteristics.