Portfolio Companies

Vestas Manufacturing RUS LLC

Wind Turbine Component Localisation Project

Operating Factories

Shareholders in Portfolio Company 
Vestas Manufacturing A/S, JSC RUSNANO, LLC Aquilon

Industry Sector 
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Production Location 
Jobs created: 270

Investment Started:  2018

Total Budget

2050  mln rubles
Co-investment by RUSNANO
502.25  mln rubles

Organising production of composite blades for wind turbines with the use of glass fibre and pultruded profile made of carbon fibre (stiffening rib) by transferring technology of the world’s leading manufacturer of wind power plants, Vestas.

The main technology used in the blade production is vacuum infusion. Vacuum infusion is a process of manufacturing composite material where impregnation of the lined workpiece with resin occurs due to the vacuum created in an air-tight working space. The main materials used in the manufacture of Vestas blades are glass fibre fabrics, pultruded carbon profiles and polymer binder.

The blades produced as part of the project are up to 61.7 metres long, weighing 12.5 tonnes.