Nanoelectronics and Photonics

Nanoelectronics and Photonics is one of the leading clusters of RUSNANO, which includes 24 industrial enterprises in the field of semiconductor electronics, design of integrated circuits, optoelectronic components for telecommunications, wireless communication systems, optical fiber, lasers, optical sensors, sensors, magneto-resistive memory, displays. The proceeds of the cluster in 2017 amounted to RUB 6.3 bln. With the support of RUSNANO, new industries (2500 jobs) were created: production of fiber optic, fiber lasers, Russian electronics has adopted new topological norms—90 and 65 nm.
  • Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.
    Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.

    Production of high-performance routers using electro-optical information transmission at the level of individual chips.

  • Soft Machines, Inc.
    Soft Machines, Inc.

    Development of a new architecture for processor cores. The new architecture, christened “Variable Instruction Set Computing” (VISC), opens the way for processors with much higher energy efficiency and performance compared to processors with existing core architectures. The project is also developing a system-on-chip (SoC) structure with VISC microprocessor cores.

    Operating R&D Center

  • Dauria Aerospace
    Dauria Aerospace

    Dauria Aerospace is a portfolio company of I2BF-RNC Strategic Resources Fund , an investment fund created jointly by RUSNANO Capital and I2BF Holdings Ltd. The Fund is dedicated to the transfer to Russia of technologies related to the provision of strategic resources. The Fund invests in late-stage foreign innovation companies, which are using nanotechnologies.

    Operating Factories

  • Aquantia Corporation
    Aquantia Corporation

    Development of next-generation Ethernet solutions.

    Operating R&D Center

  • Quantenna Communications
    Quantenna Communications

    Design and development of semiconductor components and solutions for local high-speed wireless networks.

    Operating R&D Center

  • Mapper Lithography Holding B.V.
    Mapper Lithography Holding B.V.

    The development of electron-beam lithography systems (maskless lithography) with resolution of 22 nanometers and above for industrial and research applications.

    Operating Factories

  • SBT Management Company LLC
    SBT Management Company LLC

    Setting up fabless production of circuits using 90/45-nanometer technologies and of assemblies based on such circuits.

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  • SiTime Corporation
    SiTime Corporation

    Engineering and development of MEMS oscillators.

  • LED Microsensor NT
    LED Microsensor NT

    Production of semiconductor optical elements for the mid-infrared spectrum.

    Operating Factories

  • Crocus Technology SA (France) & Crocus Nano Electronics (Russia)
    Crocus Technology SA (France) & Crocus Nano Electronics (Russia)

    Development and production of MRAM-based solutions.

    Operating Factories

  • Profotech

    Production of nano-enabled fiber optic systems for measuring current and voltage in power grids.

    Operating Factories

  • Plastic Logic (Russia)
    Plastic Logic (Russia)

    Production of displays and devices using plastic electronic technology.

  • Neutron Technologies
    Neutron Technologies

    Production to detectors that use tagged neutron technology fo find illicit materials and explosives.

  • ELVEES NeoTech
    ELVEES NeoTech

    Design of highly integrated microchips with 65-nanometer and finer technology norms; manufacturing of web cameras and intelligent network video surveillance cameras.

    Operating Factories
    from august 2012


  • NeoPhotonics Corporation
    NeoPhotonics Corporation

    Design and manufacture of photonic integrated circuits and PIC-based modules and subsystems.

    Operating Factories
    from may 2013


  • RST-Invent

    Production of metal RFID tags and RFID labels for passive RFID systems.

    Operating Factories
    from march 2012

    St. Petersburg

  • Optic Fiber Systems (Optikovolokonnye Sistemy)
    Optic Fiber Systems (Optikovolokonnye Sistemy)

    Production of advanced nanostructured optical fiber.

    Operating Factories

  • Semiconductor Technologies and Equipment
    Semiconductor Technologies and Equipment

    Production of high-vacuum equipment for molecular beam epitaxy, electron beam evaporation, plasma etching, plasma-enhanced deposition, and rapid thermal annealing. Development of customer-oriented technological processes. Support for RUSNANO infrastructure projects.

  • Connector Optics
    Connector Optics

    Production of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers and photodetectors in the 850-nm range: epitaxial wafers, chips, packaged components. Production of ultrahigh-speed (to 40 Gbit/s), energy-efficient optical components for data communications, computer, and consumer markets.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011

    St. Petersburg

  • OptoSense

    Production of innovative sensors for industrial safety systems.

    Operating Factories
    from december 2011

    St. Petersburg

  • LED-Energoservice

    The only Russian lighting producer with technological and full-cycle manufacturing capabilities for making world-class LEDs and LED equipment.

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  • Optogan

    Production of ultrabright nanoheterostructured LEDs and LED-based lighting systems using proprietary technology.

    Operating Factories
    from november 2010

    St. Petersburg

  • Mikron

    ExitEstablishment of new 90-nm microchip production and design center.

    Operating Factories

  • IRE-Polus

    Production of fiber lasers and modern high-tech communications equipment.