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Ulyanovsk’s Hi-Tech Nanocoated Glass Announced

06 November 2012

A new $185m hi-tech nanocoated glass production site will break ground later this year in the Ulyanovsk region some 520 miles east of Moscow, the official RUSNANO website reports. The deal has been struck at Open Innovation, an international forum currently under way in Moscow.

The new factory, a subsidiary of SP Glass Holdings B. V., a Rusnano project company, will be built in partnership by RUSNANO, Russia’s largest nanotech company; NSG Group, a global company represented in Russia under the Pilkington brand name; STiS, a group of Moscow-headquartered Russian makers of double glass panes; and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

SP Glass Holdings B. V., already running a glass plant in Ramenskoye outside Moscow, will focus in the Ulyanovsk region on energy-saving glass of a range of grades. The glass will have what RUSNANO believes to be unique five-to-500 nanometer per layer coatings. While conventional clear glass, even used in a double pane, possesses poor energy-saving properties, increasing the cost of heating a room, the new nanocoated glass is expected to cut the loss of heat in residential or industrial buildings in the cold seasons by an estimated 70%. In the summer heat, such glass keeps a building from overheating, the source says.

Under terms of the deal, the new production site will be located in the Zavolzhye industrial park outside Ulyanovsk. Construction is expected to begin later this year and be completed in 2015.

The future factory will be churning out hi-tech glass with a capacity of 240,000 tons a year, RUSNANO reports.

Source: Marchmont Innovation News, November 2, 2012