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HemaCore’s New Blood Clotting Diagnostics Hits Market

08 November 2012

Moscow’s HemaCore, a RUSNANO project company, has launched sales of its new blood clotting diagnostics; the package includes a special diagnostic instrument and test systems for it, the official Rusnano website reports.

The system developed based on Russian scientific research reportedly “has no analogs elsewhere in the world” and enables to locate blood clotting disorders at early stages. It also allows physicians to identify patients at risk for possible bleeding sickness and thromboses.

At inception, the company has plans to sell up to 100 such instruments and 50,000 instrument-compatible test systems a year. By 2015, HemaCore expects to have an 8% market share and sales of over $27m.

The project team reportedly received its seed capital in 2007. In 2010, RUSNANO came to the new company with an $18m investment. Today, HemaCore is a resident of Skolkovo, Russia’s largest innovation hub under construction outside Moscow.

In the developed countries, thromboses lead to a number of severe disorders such as pulmonary embolism, infarction and strokes, and are largely accountable for incapacitation and death rates. In Russia, there are about 700,000 patients with an array of blood diseases. Around 20% of the Russian lives taken by cardiovascular diseases are economically active people. It is because of the threatening statistics of early deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases that the World Health Organization (WHO) forecasts Russia might lose an estimated $246bn from its GDP by 2015.

Source: Marchmont Innovation News, November 8, 2012