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OCSiAl to Start First Run of Nanotube Production in Luxembourg

11 July 2018

OCSiAl (RUSNANO’s Portfolio Company), a manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes enhancing the material properties, will complete the construction of the first production facility in Luxembourg. The Press Office of OCSiAl told TASS that the annual capacity of the first production facility located outside of Novosibirsk will be 250 tons, i.e. 25 times as much as the existing capacity.

OCSiAl, which is located in the Academpark in Novosibirsk, is the world’s only manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes. This type of nanotube is the universal nanomodifier that makes the mechanical properties, electrical and thermal conductivity of various materials (rubber, composite and polymer materials) up to 70% more efficient.

“The first stage of the construction of the synthesis facility for the production of Tuball nanotubes with an annual capacity of 250 tons [after the whole project’s launch] is scheduled for commissioning in 2020 in Luxembourg,” reported the company.

The press service has specified that the commissioning would not affect OCSiAl’s expansion plans in Novosibirsk. The company plans to commission a new production facility, which will increase annual product output from 10 to 50 tons, by the end of 2018. It will allow OCSiAl to hold up to 95% of the global nanotubes market.

The company earlier reported that a total of 80-100 million euros would be invested in the production facility’s construction and that over 200 jobs would be created for highly-qualified research and development, production, maintenance, sales and marketing professionals. OCSiAl also intends to construct a center for applied nanotechnology in Luxembourg with a focus on industrial solutions for composite, elastomer and thermoplastic materials.

Source: TASS, 10.07.2018