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Yekaterinburg Doctors Have Implanted 3D-printed Spinal Implant

11 February 2020

Neurosurgeons of the Sverdlovsk regional oncology dispensary performed a complex surgery to remove the malignant tumor and replace several vertebrae with a 3D-printed spinal implant.

“We admitted a patient with a tumor of the second, third, and fourth cervical vertebrae, growing in the spinal canal and throat. A multi-stage approach is needed to treat such tumors. At the pre-surgery consultation it was decided to perform four surgical interventions,” says neurosurgeon Alexey Dubskykh.

In the first treatment stage, the attending physicians performed a biopsy confirming that the tumor was malignant. The second stage is angiography to determine the mutual location of the tumor and nearby large vessels. During the third surgery, the back of the upper cervical vertebrae was removed and the spine was fixed. During the fourth surgery, surgeons removed the tumor along with the third and fourth cervical vertebrae and stabilized the spine with an implant. 

“The custom-designed implant was made of titanium alloy. This material allows any X-ray diagnostic procedures that may be required in the postsurgery period to be carried out in the future,” Alexey Dubskykh explains. 

The surgery was successful, the patient was transferred to the general ward on the first day after the implant installation, with all the motor functions preserved. The press service of the oncology dispensary reports that this is the first cooperation of the hospital with the engineering company engaged in 3D-printing of medical products, but in the future, the 3D-printed implants will be installed to all patients with such spinal pathology. 

The implant manufacturer is not specified. In Russia, several companies are engaged in the additive production of implants and endoprostheses. From the editorial side, we can assume that in this case the implant was printed by the Moscow TEN. MedPrint, a member of the TechnoSpark Group, and operating the industrial 3D-printer manufactured by Concept Laser using the technology of selective laser sintering of metal powders, including biocompatible titanium alloys.

Source: 3Dtoday, 10.02.2020