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The Ulyanovsk Company Will Develop Autonomous Power Grids for the Far East

25 February 2020

Altren from the ULNANOTECH Ulyanovsk Nanocenter plans to implement projects in the Far East to build autonomous hybrid energy systems based on renewable energy sources.
The Ulyanovsk Company Will Develop Autonomous Power Grids for the Far East

Photo: Altren

According to the press service of the nanocenter, on February 19, 2020, at the RAWI Forum wind energy forum, Altren signed an agreement of intent with the Far East Agency to raise investment and support exports.

“The development of renewable energy in remote and isolated areas will improve the quality of life in settlements, where energy supplies are often available several hours a day. We believe that through this agreement we together with the Investment Agency would be able both to increase the investment attractiveness of the Far East, and also improve the quality of life of our compatriots, reduce the burden on the cross-subsidizing, as well as contribute to the preservation of the climate and the environment in the unique territory both for Russia, and for the whole world,” commented Dmitry Stepanov, CEO of Altren.

The company is developing projects to build autonomous hybrid power systems (AHPS) based on renewable energy sources, which reduce diesel generation by 40-70% in isolated settlements. These hybrid systems consist of a set of equipment for autonomous energy supply—solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators, and energy storage and control systems. The AHPSs allow saving by reducing fuel consumption and transport costs for the delivery thereof.

According to experts, about 70% of the territory of Russia with a population of about 20 mln people is in the decentralized electricity supply zone. The power lines of the Unified Electricity System do not reach remote and hard-to-reach places, so the power supply thereof is organized locally, electricity is generated by local generating facilities, and fuel for them is delivered through the northern import. Diesel is the main fuel.

According to Dmitry Stepanov, the state bears huge expenses of about RUB 150 bln per year on the energy supply of such territories, while renewable energy does not require direct budget subsidies.

Source: Delovoe obozrenie, 25.02.2020