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Sobyanin Opens the Flexible Electronics Center in TiNAO. The Mayor Calls It a Great Event in the Innovative Life of Moscow

10 March 2020

By Ilya Daniltsev, Mihail Fedorov, Yuriy Timoshin

The Russian Flexible Electronics Centre (RFEC) was opened in Troitsk. This is the first company in the world to make transistor matrixes, which are used to create household appliances, as well as complex medical equipment. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin visited the new center.

There have never been such technologies in Russia. Now they are produced in our country. In Troitsk, a flexible electronic system plant was opened, which allows to turn almost any bent or curved surface into an information screen.

The production of flexible touch screens requires special conditions. This room has the fifth level of purity, that is no more than 29 particles per square meter, and sterility is higher than in the operating room. It also uses special yellow lighting because most electronic elements and chemical reactions are too sensitive and can simply be spoiled if conventional light is used.

The flexible electronics technology is unique. It is based on a thin-film transistor matrix. Devices can be bent and twisted because a plastic substrate is used instead of silicon plates. Also, all devices are becoming lighter, cheaper, and more durable than the currently used sensors. Such chips will be widely used primarily in mobile gadgets, as well as in advertising stands, and the automotive industry.

“There are several different niches in which the relevant properties will be claimed. It is subtlety on the one hand, and flexibility—on the other. For example, you can install the screen into the credit card background factor, which cannot be done with other screens,” said Yuri Udaltsov, Deputy Chairman of the RUSNANO Board.

With the advent of separate production of flexible electronics, Russia is embarking on the path of developing advanced technologies together with the world leaders in this area, such as Japan, the United States, and China. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin also attended the opening of a modern plant.

“Dear Colleagues! Congratulations with the opening of the Flexible Electronics Center. This is a great event not only in the innovative life of Moscow but also in our country. TechnoSpark is one of the best parks in Russia. Today we are launching the first Russian Flexible Electronics Center. I hope that we will not stop there and today we will discuss the construction of the second stage of this production facilities. Also, some centers produce medical equipment, robotics, and several other innovative industries,” Sergey Sobyanin said.

The flexible electronics plant is based on the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, the campus that has grown in six years. This is a platform where foreign technologies are not just mastered. The advanced start-ups are created there, which in the future are planned to be mass-produced and brought to the world market. Flexible solar panels were developed there and can be installed immediately into the roofing material, which becomes a great replacement for bulky silicon predecessors.

“I would say, it’s a new-generation solar panels belonging to the thin-film class. This allows to make them ultra-thin, ultralight, and most importantly, flexible, which together allows them to integrate into the roofing material delivered in rolls to the facility,” said the company’s representative Dmitry Krakhin.

According to experts, in 10 years it will be impossible to introduce an electronic device without a flexible screen. It is planned that in two years the plant in Troitsk would produce about 70 mln of such sensors a year.

Source: TV Center, 10.03.2020