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The Russian Flexible Electronics Center Starts Operating in New Moscow

12 March 2020

The Russian Flexible Electronics Center started operating in New Moscow. The devices based on this technology can be bent and folded. The secret is in the use of plastic substrates instead of silicon plates. The plant will produce flexible TFT matrix and integrated chips for the display industry and the Internet of Things.

Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the RUSNANO’s Executive Board: “In March 2015, we gathered at a meeting with Sergey Semenovich, where we tried to show all that you see now in simple terms. I must say that there was a lot of skepticism around this topic. But we believe that the whole big topic of microelectronics, which we have been discussing for many years, is now going to start entering the market.”

According to experts, the market for flexible electronics will almost double to $74 bln by 2030.

Denis Kovalevich, CEO of the TechnoSpark Group: “This is the first company in the world that can make such a transistor matrix. It’s flexible thin-film plastic electronics. We have localized several key technologies in the world here and are building our industrial technology on top of them. That is, roughly speaking, we carry out the transfer of technologies from the world science to the site in Russia.”

About 100,000 TFT matrixes for tablets are planned to be created here each year. This small-scale production will make it possible to create prototypes cheaper than those of the Chinese or Taiwanese competitors, and unite technology startups around them.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow: “Congratulations on the opening of the Russian Flexible Electronics Center. This is a great event not only in the innovative life of Moscow but also in our country. Anatoly Borisovich, thanks for the efforts that you are implementing to create the center, we will continue to cooperate for the benefit of Moscow and Russia.” 

The second phase of the Flexible Electronics Center, where biometric sensors will be produced, is already planned.

Source: Euronews, 12.03.2020