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The Listok Zhizni (Life’s Leaf) Eco-labelling Has Been Assigned to the Isollat Heat Insulation Materials

16 March 2020

The Isollat-01, Isollat-02, and Isollat-03 heat-insulation materials have successfully passed the independent environmental certification under the STO-56171713-021-2019 standard “Heat-insulating paint and varnish material. Environmental safety requirements and assessment methods.” Innovative development helps to significantly reduce heat loss in buildings and can be used also in hard-to-reach and difficult-to-handle places.

Isollat is an innovative paint with nanostructural additives having unique insulation properties. Even with a minimum thickness of the coating layer of 0.5-3 mm, they prevent heat loss, the formation of cold bridges, and freezing. Thermal insulation materials are operated in a wide temperature range from -60°С to +700°С and do not change their useful properties for more than 10 years. The production facilities are located in the city of Berezovsky in the Sverdlovsk Region, at the Spectech, Ltd.

During the certification, the experts of the Ecological Union were convinced that the company was taking measures to reduce the burden on the environment by transferring for disposal of more than 50% of the generated waste. Special attention is paid to labor safety: many processes are automated, including the work with loose components and nanomaterials. The finished products are also safe-to-use: they do not contain components that are hazardous to human health or toxic to the environment, including heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. The content of volatile organic compounds in the products is well below the requirements of the existing regulations. Packaging of products does not contain halogenized plastics, polystyrene, and is suitable for processing by methods available in the Russian Federation.

Specially for the RUSNANO Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, the Ecological Union experts have developed a standard for eco-certification of paint and varnish insulation materials as per the life cycle of STO MON 2.41-2018 “Green” standards in the nanoindustry.” In the Listok Zhizni eco-certification system, STO-56171713-021-2019 “Heat-insulating paint and varnish material. Environmental safety requirements and assessment methods” corresponds to this standard. For licensees, a mutual recognition procedure applies. Thus, the Isollat-01, Isollat-02, and Isollat-03 heat-insulating materials were certified in both systems.

Source:, 16.03.2020