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Visionix Rus: Full Vision Test in 90 Seconds

26 March 2020

Interviews of Katerina Khodounova, CEO of Visionix Rus, and Sergey Nazarov, Medical Director of the company


— Why was the equipment and ophthalmology direction chosen?

— Our parent company, TechnoSpark, creates, grows, and sells companies in a wide range of technology domains. It is part of the investment network of the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. The production of precision medical equipment was originally part of the TechnoSpark’s interests. In 2016, the European company Luneau Technology Operations, which had bought the Israeli Visionix startup, refused to try to enter the Russian market, and the shareholders of the two companies decided to localize the Visionix brand in Russia. At that time, well-known brands were already present on the ophthalmological equipment market, and for Luneau Technology it was difficult to enter the Russian market with the standard distribution.

— How complete will the localization be?

— Visionix Rus is now localizing its main instruments—the VX130+, VX120+, and VX120+ Dry Eye auto-refractometers, and the medical equipment registration is in progress. The main task is to localize 50% of the cost of equipment in Russia. This is a step-by-step process that takes several years to implement. Visionix Rus started its work on localization in 2018, we are now at the beginning of the journey, but we plan to get the full status of “producer in Russia”.

— Which segments of ophthalmological equipment the company is focused on?

— Visionix Rus specializes in diagnostic equipment for large federal clinics, private clinics, and optical salons. The VX130+ auto-refractometer allows conducting a full vision test in 90 seconds. The EyeRefract system that we are currently registering allows choosing spectacles in five to seven minutes, taking into account all measurement methods.

— What should be the minimum floor space for the equipment?

— The EyeRefract system requires at least five meters. However, the system can be adapted for smaller areas due to the work of mirrors. At the same time, the quality of the study does not suffer.

— How hard is it to work with EyeRefract?

— It’s enough for a specialist to remember the order of actions, to understand the principles, and he is ready to go. The interface was translated into Russian.

— How does the device differ from that of the competitors?

— Dynamic sight measurement is like a full-length movie. In this study, the brain perceives the whole picture, and not the “slided” one. The EyeRefract lenses are adjusted very quickly in real time. The process of refraction selection is managed by the patient himself, and the specialist is only the operator of the action. This is the key difference from the “classic” refraction selection.

— What else can be interesting in the device for the owner of the optics salon?

— Labor savings of skilled employees. If the patient has already come with spectacles, and they were selected more than three months ago, the EyeRefract system will automatically write a new prescription with 99% accuracy.

— How can the device help solve the problem of dry eye syndrome?

— The new VX120+ Dry Eye system can detect tear film rupture, show all physiological abnormalities in real time. The visual picture is most convincing to timely give guidance to the patient about the need for therapy and to assign the proper treatment.

— What other equipment can the company offer for the optics salon?

— All Visionix appliances are suitable for salons. The VX130+ provides a detailed eye view using retro lighting that can reveal cataracts, glassy opacity, scars, and other serious eye problems. When diagnosing in the optics salon, it is possible to detect increased intraocular pressure. We also offer VX75 slit-lamp, VX55, VX60, dynamic and linear polarization displays, and automatic lensmeters.

— How fast is the delivery of equipment?

— The equipment registered in Russia can be accessed by a customer on the next day if it is available in a warehouse. We deliver the equipment according to an order within 30—60 days with installation and training of personnel. Our experts are regularly accredited by the developers—Luneau Technology. In addition to the warehouse, we have our service center, and we can install the device on any convenient day for the customer.

— How developed is the regional network?

— Our company has entered into agreements with several distributors of high-tech, multifunctional equipment that specialize in the field of ophthalmology and vision diagnostics. Through distributors in central Russia, Visionix Rus is present in the Urals, Siberia, and partly in the Far Eastern Federal District. Our own sales department works with the rest of Russia.

— Does the company have programs to attract young professionals to work on the equipment?

— Being interested in Visionix products, we are ready to conduct promotional events and train the customer’s employees. Our devices are a step into the future towards optimization and automation of ophthalmological equipment.

— What kind of specialists would you recommend using your equipment?

— Our equipment can be used by the attending physician, the paramedics, and optometrists.

— What are the prospects for development?

— The company is in the process of registering the rest of the range. Completing registration is the main task for 2020. The sales development and revenue growth are the next, no less important tasks. The third is the increased presence of the company in the regions.

Source: Optic Magazine, 26.03.2020