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Russia Shipped First Batch of Wind Turbine Blades to Denmark

15 April 2020

Deputy Prime Minister Borisov: “We are open for international collaboration in the ‘green energy’ field.”

“Russia is open to collaboration with foreign companies for the advancement of technology, including for renewable energy,” said Deputy Prime Minister Yurii Borisov at the ceremony for dispatching the first batch of Russian wind turbine blades for Denmark.

“Russia is keeping pace with the times. We are open for working together with the international leaders of promising directions in technological advancement, including alternate sources of energy,” said Yu. Borisov, who participated in the ceremony via video conference.

The Vestas-RUSNANO wind turbine blade factory dispatched the first batch of 48 blades from the Ulyanovsk site of the Vestas Manufacturing Rus plant to the Danish customer for the construction of a new wind turbine park.

The plant operates under a special, three-way investment contract between Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ulyanovsk Region, and Vestas Manufacturing Rus. In addition, in the Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov Regions, Vestas has consolidated production for components of wind energy installations. 

“Similar projects, of course, must be repeated in other regions. We have supported, and will continue to support, the creation of new, high-tech production facilities in this area,” Yurii Borisov stated.

He added that the launch of such production facilities in Russia, in collaboration with foreign companies, demonstrates the results of international industrial and technological cooperation, which has taken place despite the tendency toward estrangement during these times of sanctions.

The government supports the advancement of renewable energy resources (RER) in Russia.

And so, as part of achieving the goals of Russia’s first support program for the advancement of ‘green’ energy, planned for 2014-2024, more than 5 GW power plants will be built, which will run on energy from wind, sun, and water. So far, work under this plan has already resulted in the commissioning of 55 solar power plants, with an overall capacity of approximately 770 MW, and 2 wind turbine plants, with a total output of 85 MW.

“Given the importance of renewable energy development, as well as the need to strengthen our industrial competence, and ensure the export of high-tech equipment and services in this sector, the Russian government, in the future, will continue to support this direction even after 2024,” Yurii Borisov said in conclusion.

Source: Interfax, 14.04.2020