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Altren Will Sell Dutch EWT Wind Turbines in Russia

18 June 2020

According to the website of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWPI), the Altren Russian project company and Emergya Wind Technologies B.V., the Dutch manufacturer of wind turbines, have signed a partnership agreement.

According to the document, as an EWT partner in Russia, Altren can sell EWT equipment and draw customers and investors to install 500 kW–1 MW wind turbines in isolated and hard-to-reach areas where power is provided by diesel power plants. These areas are considered to be the most promising ones for the development of renewable energy sources (RES).

Founded in 2004, EWT is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of direct-drive wind turbines. To date, more than 600 EWT turbines have been installed in North America, Europe, and Asia, covering electricity needs of almost 500,000 households.

Altren notes that the agreement will allow the company to cover the entire power spectrum of wind turbines, ranging from 5 kW to 1 MW wind turbines. At the moment, Altren can offer partners and customers any comprehensive solution that includes RES equipment, drives, and off-grid and on-grid control systems. The solutions can be used both in microgeneration and for large wind farms, both for auxiliaries and the energy supply of small settlements or industrial parks. 

“With EWT, we also discussed the possibility of localizing wind turbine components in Russia, if the market volume allows it in the future,” Altren added.

Established in 2016, Altren (Ulyanovsk, Russia) is a member of the RAWPI, the resident of the ULNANOTECH Ulyanovsk nanocenter. The company specializes mainly on wind power. It operates on the renewable energy market in Russia, implementing projects to localize components of wind power plants, as well as projects of autonomous hybrid power systems based on renewable energy for isolated and hard-to-reach areas.