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Three Largest Russian Corporations Have Presented a Large-Capacity Steam Turbine

09 September 2020

Lighter, smaller, more powerful. The Russian industry has created a gas turbine, which due to its compact size and high production performance is able to put competitive pressure on foreign counterparts on the market. The equipment is necessary to increase the efficiency of Russian gas power plants and to implement their transition to the so-called combined cycle.

Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the RUSNANO’s Executive Board says: “For the first time in the Russian and Soviet history, a high-power gas turbine has been created. This is the most complex product that has passed all types of tests and operates in a cell at the Ivanovo CCGT in a synchronous mode. The reliability and efficiency have been proven. Of course, the transition to mass production is the next most important stage.”

The industry is now ready to order up to ten such turbines. They will re-equip existing Russian gas stations and equip those under construction. The small size of the unit will allow you to do this quickly and inexpensively. Mass production will make it possible to develop the energy sector using domestic rather than foreign equipment. According to the developers, our turbine is absolutely competitive in terms of technical parameters.

Sergey Chemezov, General Director of Rostec Corporation says: “Our turbine is not inferior to imported ones. The efficiency of ours is 36%, even a little more. The efficiency of the American turbines is 33-34%, and that of the German ones is 36.5%. That is, like ours. But, in terms of weight, ours is 1.5-2 times lighter. This is much more convenient for transporting and upgrading existing plants.”

In general, the GTD-110M project is still unique because the product is the result of joint work of three major Russian corporations: RUSNANO, Rostec, and Inter RAO. Each team had a role to play. 

All tests were carried out at the Inter RAO site in the Ivanovo region. Rostec represented by the United Engine Corporation was responsible for manufacturing. RUSNANO supervised the project as a whole, worked together with Rostec on project documentation, and was closely engaged in research in the field of materials.

Yuriy Udaltsov, Member of the Management Board of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gas Turbine Technologies Research Center says: “For us, the most important were nanostructured coatings, created by our Plakart Company. They ensured thermal stability of the turbine parts—flame tubes and turbine blades. Without this, the reliable operation of gas turbines is impossible. We managed to develop coatings and the turbine itself, and we are very pleased with that.”

The financial and property contribution of the project participants to the capital of the Gas Turbine Technologies Research Center amounted to about RUB 2.5 bln. It is known that serial turbine samples are cheaper than American and German products.

The main sales market is domestic one. Russian energy enterprises will be able to receive 2 turbines per year. This is now the planned capacity of the production, organized on the basis of the UEC NPO Saturn PJSC. It is assumed that output can be increased to 4 in case of growing interest in products, both domestically and abroad.

Source: Rossia 24, 09.09.2020