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Two Innovative Startups of the Ulyanovsk Region Have Been Supported at the Federal Level

20 November 2020

The Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology summed up the competition for the Start program, the press service of the regional government reports.

A total of 1,263 applications were received, of which 178 were recommended for funding. They include two projects from companies in the Ulyanovsk Region. RUB 2 mln were allocated for the implementation of each startup.

Anatoly Popov, the winner in the “New Devices and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies” field, will use the grant money to create a machine for manufacturing complex profile aircraft parts. According to the developer, the unit will straighten and bend parts made of high-strength materials using rollers. The process will be mechanized, which will speed up the production of aircraft parts and improve their quality. In the future, the unit will also be in demand in other sectors of transport engineering.

In the field of “Medicine and Health Technology,” the team of Ulyanovsk developers received funding for the creation of a test system for comprehensive differential diagnosis of respiratory infections, including COVID-19. This development will help determine the presence of the virus in a short time and calculate the combination of the pathogen, even if only a few molecules of its DNA are present in the sample.

According to Project Leader Andrey Mastilenko, the trend in scientific research is to minimize and optimize the technology. Previously, our colleagues from the Ulyanovsk Nanocenter resident company TestGen LLC had already developed a prototype test system for diagnosing the coronavirus. We gained their support by becoming strategic partners. “An innovative system capable of detecting the presence of mono- or mixed infection in humans will be developed using the grant money received from the Fund. Our development will improve response quality and increase throughput. Over the next year, a team of scientists will create a laboratory sample and test it. Then the system will go through all the necessary registration procedures, and after that, it will go into mass production,” said Andrey Mastilenko.

Let us recall that the Innovation Promotion Fund finances projects of small innovative companies that are at the initial stage of development and have significant potential for commercialization. The Start program is aimed at creating new and supporting existing small innovative enterprises seeking to develop and master the production of new goods, products, technologies, or services.

According to the Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Ulyanovsk Region Dmitriy Vavilin, one of the tools of scientific and technological development in the region was the relevant state program, aimed at creating favorable conditions in the scientific sector, as well as the creation and application of innovative technologies. “According to the research of the RIA Rating agency, the Ulyanovsk Region is in the top 10 of scientific and technological development of Russian regions. The joint work of the Government and the innovation community leads to high indicators that promote the growth of the economy and the quality of life of the population,” Minister stressed out.

Source: Volga News, 20.11.2020