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Dr.Web Has Introduced an Antivirus Compatible with the Russian Baikal Platform

17 December 2020

By Vladimir Bahur

Dr.Web, Baikal Electronics, and Basalt SPO have announced that Dr.Web had become the first anti-virus compatible with the Baikal hardware platform running Alt Workstation 9.

Tests conducted by the companies have confirmed that the installation, activation, configuration, and operation of all components of Dr.Web for UNIX in this configuration are successful and do not cause any problems.

Thus, the Russian anti-virus supports operation on the domestic processor developed using the ARM64 architecture, which, in turn, interacts correctly with the Russian Alt operating system.

Earlier, Dr.Web provided support for the ARM64 platform as part of its products for UNIX systems, the processors based on which are already seriously competing with Intel in their performance.

“Compatibility of Dr.Web anti-virus products with Russian operating systems and platforms is one of the Dr.Web’s top priorities. We are participants in the import substitution program and the confirmation of Dr.Web for UNIX compatibility with the Russian Baikal platform running Alt Workstation 9 is an important step in the development of Russian hardware and software systems,” said Eugeniya Khamrakulova, the Head of the Dr.Web’s Technology Partnerships Department.

“The development of the ecosystem around the Baikal processors is our primary task, which we have been successfully addressing for the last year,” notes Andrey Evdokimov, CEO of Baikal Electronics. “We are pleased that the producers of Russian operating systems are now joined by producers of anti-virus software, and we hope that Russian cooperation on the domestic IT market will increasingly grow every day.”

“One of the main tasks of domestic software and computing developers is to provide consumers with comprehensive software and hardware solutions built on the technological independence principles,” emphasized Alexey Smirnov, CEO of Basalt SPO. “This issue is particularly urgent for owners of critical information infrastructure. The hardware and software stack developed by Dr.Web, Baikal Electronics, and Basalt SPO allows you to create the basis for a secure, modern, and sanction-resistant digital infrastructure.”

Source: CNews, 17.12.2020